More Brides in S’pore Saying No to The Traditional White Dress on Their Wedding Day


Sometimes, we just don’t want the hassle of buying a wedding gown that will ultimately be used only once. And some of us might just feel more comfortable in a suit. Who wouldn’t want to feel confident and powerful on their wedding day?

Whatever the reason is, I’ve got some good news for you! More and more brides in Singapore are choosing to suit up to tie the knot.

Ms Linnette Lau, a florist, is one of those brides. According to The Straits Times, she had a custom made peach blazer and trousers for her lunch reception.

She also wore it for the Chinese wedding tea ceremony, surprising many of the guests as brides usually donned the traditional qipao. Ms Lau expressed, “I think people are always quite afraid to step out of their comfort zones. But making the decision to break tradition and go for a suit is really quite empowering.”

We stan a confident queen.

Many other women are also doing the same! Take former enrichment teacher Ms Belle Yusuf for example, who wanted very “practical and very economical” bridal wear. She pulled off a cartwheel during her wedding in her ASOS jumpsuit, which cost just over $250.

You wouldn’t be able to show that off in a gown. You probably also wouldn’t risk it.


Assistant marketing manager Ruby Lim, 28, customised a three-piece set with bridal boutique Juillet for her wedding day, comprising of a corset top, a skirt and a pair of trousers. All she had to do was switch from her Elie Saab-inspired skirt to the pants when the partying began!

Less Particular About Tradition

Bridal boutiques found that Singaporean women are more open to changes nowadays.

The four bridal shops that The Sunday Times contacted had agreed that the demand for jumpsuits had increased.

Vivian Gown saw a jump in the number of suits that made up their collection, from zero from two years ago to 10% today.

The aforementioned bridal boutique Juillet also saw an average of three in ten women request bridal jumpsuits in the past year as compared to none when the shop opened.

Both boutiques also attribute the increase in demand to the pandemic, as couples having more intimate weddings may prioritise comfort over spectacle.

Juillet’s designer and co-founder Ms Sonia Ayu Lestari said that Singaporean women are becoming less particular about tradition these days, creating room for the wedding industry to explore alternative bridal wear designs in the future.

Vivian Gown’s founder and designer Ms Vivian Feng also noted the trend, adding that women “want to wear something that represents them, rather than what is expected to be worn at a wedding.”

Go forth and don that power suit!

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