British Etiquette Expert Showing How to Eat Rice With Fork & Knife Will Trigger Uncle Roger


Uncle Roger has already voiced his strong opinions on BBC’s egg fry rice tutorial, but if he saw this clip, he might just pass out from rage and shock.

“British Etiquette Expert” Lucy Challenger uploaded a Tik Tok video demonstrating how to eat rice in “formal Western dining”. 

With her pronounced British accent, she talked about how it was “important to not shovel the food” into your mouth, whether with a fork or a spoon.

According to her, the proper way to eat rice was to place the rice on top of the fork with a knife(!?) before consuming it gracefully. 

One does wonder about the purpose of the knife. What are we slicing, the soft rice grains?

Asians all over the world have expressed their shock and dismay at this method of eating, with a video repost on Facebook captioned “Thank God I live in Southeast Asia” gaining 40k views and thousands of disparaging comments. 


Most of the comments were joking and sarcastic, mocking this convoluted way of eating rice for being pretentious or slow. However, some of the other comments were more incensed: “don’t you dare teach Asians [about] how to eat rice”, one reads. 

Emotional damage.

Challenger has since taken down her TikTok video.

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Formal Western Etiquette

To be completely fair, Challenger was teaching her viewers about how to eat various foods with formal Western etiquette, and so the ludicrous method of eating is not just extended to rice. 


She used the same theory of no shovelling for corn on the cob, slowly picking off the kernels of corn bit by bit before placing them on top of her fork. Her method of eating a banana was equally bizarre, involving slicing off the banana skin with a knife carefully before slowly cutting the banana flesh into bite-sized pieces.

As much as Asians—definitely including Uncle Roger—feel outraged at Challenger’s bizarre appropriation of the way we eat rice, given that her context is teaching the ins and outs of Western dining etiquette, perhaps it is somewhat justifiable.

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Featured Image: YouTube (mrnigelng) & TikTok (@lucychallengerofficial)

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