Free Reusable Masks Turn Brownish After Wash; They Can be Exchanged 1-for-1 During Mask Collection Period

Imagine this:

After all the hype you’ve heard about the free reusable mask that the government is giving, you give the mask the first wash and this came out.

Image: Facebook (Mary Mei Lee)

This was what happened to several users who took to Facebook to share their experience.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

So what happened? Is it because of defective masks?

Apparently not.

Washing Inappropriately

According to an Ultramask care video, this is the appropriate way to wash your reusable mask.

  • Rinse the front and back of the mask with room temperature water.
Image: Vimeo
  • Add a drop of soap and rub gently
Image: Vimeo
  • Carefully wash away the soap
Image: Vimeo
  • For kids mask, they can be washed with nose strip attached
Image: Vimeo
  • Then just hang your masks to dry
Image: Vimeo

The video also highlighted a couple of things that cannot be done to the mask:

  • No wringing of the mask
  • You cannot use bleach, softener or detergent with a fluorescent agent to wash the mask
  • No ironing

In short, you can only handwash your mask instead of throwing it into the washing machine to wash together with your other clothes.

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But What If I Did It Already?

Maybe you’re reading this article with your brown-stained mask at the side.

What should you do? Throw it away?

Image: Tenor

Don’t throw it away.

According to the People’s Association (PA) via, people wit stained masks after wash can make their way to the community club for a 1-to-1 exchange during this week.

109 CCs have mask collection counters open from 10am to 6pm this week (until 1 June).

Bring along your identification card for the exchange.

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