1 Bubble Tea Chain in S’pore Has Announced It Closure Forever

Perhaps you might be patiently waiting for the day everything returns to normal.

Normal, like back in the days when you can explore the island of Singapore buying bubble tea from all the different brands.

But what if… I told you those days might never come back?

No… stop! I don’t wanna hear it!

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You knew this would happen sooner or later. You read Goody Feed diligently and knew that 30% of Smaller Retailers Cannot Survive Beyond Phase One.

Stop it. Not my precious!

Teafolia To Cease Operating In Singapore Permanently

On 1 June 2020, just one day shy of Phase One, Tefolia, the bubble tea that we see at MRT stations, announced their closure:

Image: Facebook (Teafolia) 

In case you can’t read:

“Given the current economic situation, we are sad to announce that Teafolia will CEASE operating in Singapore permanently. Thank you for your support.”


Image: Giphy

Nobody could have stopped this. It was the economic situation. You have to face reality!

They had told us that their last day for their Bedok Mall outlet is 18 May 2020.

Image: Facebook (Teafolia)

It was only last year that they had this crowd! Last year Sep!

Image: Facebook (Teafolia)

It was only just a month ago that they said, “hope to see you soon!”

Image: Facebook (Teafolia)

How could this happen?

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In Memory

They were so full of ambition, with a “coming soon” for their third outlet in Orchard Gateway.

Image: Facebook

How can we forget about their collection of Fruit Teas using Four Seasons Tea from Taiwan, Royal Ceylon from Sri Lanka, or Green Tea to pair with fruits…

Image: Instagram (@sgcafefood)

Sometimes even giving us flavours like Mao Shan Wang Durian Royale…

Image: Facebook (Teafolia)

Their Taro and milk-based drinks… and that “Stir Well” sticker.

Image: Instagram (javier_lim)

And we certainly can’t forget about their Signature Milk Tea promotions.

Image: Facebook (Teafolia)

And the times they offered free delivery…

Image: Facebook (Teafolia)
Image: tvtropes

It’s… It’s just the rain. I’m not crying.


But wait.

If you were sharp, you’d have noticed they said: “cease operating in Singapore“.

There’s Still One Store Left

In Los Angeles that is.

That’s right. There’s still one more Teafolia out there, struggling to keep the family name alive.

Image: Reddit (r/MemeTemplatesOfficial)

*Looks to America’s current situation*


I don’t have a good feeling about that store guys.

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