Confirmed: Bubble Tea Stalls & Barbers Will Be Closed From Tomorrow (22 Apr) Onwards


A few days back, I wrote about a list of retailers that I felt aren’t essential to the public.

Reader Bao: No leh, back then, you said it’s retailers that are “debatable” whether it’s essential or not. You didn’t say that you “felt” it. What a good way to give credit to yourself because now the authorities—

And now, it seems like many of the retailers I’ve mentioned earlier are now ceasing operations from tomorrow onwards after the authorities promised to close down more workplaces and cut down the workforce so as to make more people stay at home.

Reader Bao: Holy, bubble tea was mentioned so does it mean…

Yes, Ah Bao.

The inevitable has happened.

More Shops Closing

Today marks the day when we receive one of the worst news so far.


Reader Bao: IKR. Goodbye, LiHO…

No, I’m talking about the extension of the Circuit Breaker.

But on other news, Minister Lawrence Wong has also said that they would be closing down more workplaces to stop the movement of people, and this is on everyone’s mind:

Would bubble tea stalls finally be closed?



In a press release by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), they said that they’re suspending the operations of less critical consumer services with effect from 21 April 2359 hrs.

The updates can be found here (which lists down all the essential businesses that can remain open), but the folks at MTI also cited a few examples of businesses that would be closed.

The examples in the F&B sector (pretty sure they’re just using F&B as an example and not because everyone’s wondering about the fate of Gong Cha) are that standalone outlets (excluding those in hawker centres, food courts and coffeeshops) that sell only beverages, packaged snacks, confectioneries or desserts will be required to close their outlets.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but bubble tea stalls are standalone outlets selling only beverages.

Image: Giphy

Also, this could mean that our dear BreadTalk, which has just created the cutest bread ever…

…might be closing, too.

All hairdressing and barber services will also be required to close their outlets.

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In addition, additional restrictions on selected consumer- facing businesses will be implemented to further reduce customer interactions. For example, optician shops, which used to be open as usual, cannot accept walk-in customers and can only serve customers who have made an appointment.


And thirdly, more businesses would cease operations in their workplace—especially businesses that are less critical for daily living or to maintain essential supply chains. These businesses would be notified and have to cease operations within 24 hours.

And finally, temperature screening will be conducted at all supermarkets and malls from tomorrow onwards. So if you’re hot, you can’t go into a mall for to cool down.

And lest you’ve just woken up from an afternoon nap, here’s the worst news for you: Circuit Breaker has been extended to 1 June 2020.

If you’re a fan of bubble tea, you can watch this video we’ve done about bubble tea because you’d be missing it even more le:

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