Bubble Tea Arrived With 80% of Contents Gone Due to Cracks in Cups; foodpanda Has Responded

Despite the easing of Circuit Breaker measures, it was announced on May 19 that bubble tea stores and other food services that sell predominantly beverages will not be allowed to open on June 2.

Queue the sad cries.

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Fortunately, for those who love bubble tea and can’t survive a day without chewing on those delectable pearls, you can still get your daily dose of bubble tea online.

But imagine your drinks arriving at your doorsteps with “less than 20% remaining in the cups”.

You guessed it- that was exactly what happened.

Thin Plastic Cups Usedย 

According to Stomper NS, he had ordered two cups of bubble tea from Sheng Kee Dessert through Foodpanda at IMM in Jurong East on May 17.

The restaurant is one of the few that is selling bubble tea during the circuit breaker period.

(Yes, it doesn’t seem to be selling them prior to Circuit Breaker. Doing everything to survive, man.)

Iced HK Fresh Milk Bubble Tea

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Posted by Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert Singapore on Wednesday, 29 April 2020

However, when the cups arrived, majority of the drinks have spilt into the plastic bag holding the cups.

He noticed that there were cracks in the cups and came to a conclusion that Sheng Kee Dessert had used extremely thin plastic cups that cracked open easily.

Image: STOMP

Stomper NS said that it left the drinks “exposed to contaminants” the entire route from the collection point to his house.

Yikes. Getting COVID-19 from a cup of bubble tea is the last thing anyone wants.ย 

Sheng Kee Dessert also did not seal the cup or place stickers to state the time of preparation or instructions on what time to consume the drinks by.

Foodpanda Apologises

The local food delivery brand has since come forward in response to the incident.

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“Foodpanda would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused,” a spokesman said.

In the statement, they said that they will be working with the restaurant and their rider to further investigate the matter and ensure that necessary steps are taken to prevent similar incidents moving forward.

Where To Get Your Bubble Tea Fix

If you happened to be like my mum who has trust issues with food delivery services because of rare situations like this, don’t worry. You can still get them in person at these stores.

Here’s a list of places

  • i love taimei
  • Honolulu Cafe
  • Cool Hut @ Jurong West
  • Sod Cafe
  • Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining m
  • Emo Snacks
  • Long Hua Cafe at Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre
  • 233 Banh Mi
  • Monga Fried Chicken

However, it is strongly encouraged for you to order through delivery platforms where possible to minimise the risk of infection.

But if you do step out of the house, do remember to wear a mask so that you don’t come home $300 and one cup of bubble tea poorer.

How Long More?ย 

It was announced that Singapore will gradually reopen in three phases. Unfortunately, in Phase 1, F&B outlets that mainly sell drinks will not be permitted to open.


As to the question of “how long more”, authorities are unable to provide a fix time frame for the end of Phase 1.

It could take “four to six weeks, depending on how the situation evolves, maybe longer”, said Health Minister Gan Kin Yong.

While this might sound like a fight against diabetes rather than COVID, let’s all be thankful for what we still have during this trying time.

Like, bubble tea from places we’ve never expected.

Image: Giphy

In the meantime, fingers crossed.


Reader Bao: You do know that we’ve double-digit local cases yesterday (22 May), don’t you?

Ah, shut up.

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