Bubble Tea Pearls With French Fries Is A Thing In Philippines; KFC Would’ve Been Proud


So not everything goes together like happy peas in a pod.You wouldn’t add chilli sauce to your can of Coke, would ya?

Or maybe you would?

In the Philippines, a bubble tea shop called ‘The Pearl Fajardo’ has gone all “abstract” and has started serving bubble tea pearls with french fries.

Yup, I know. KFC must’ve been proud.

Image: giphy.com

And from the looks of it, the fans don’t seem to be lapping up the concoction either:

Image: Facebook (The Pearl Fajardo)
Image: Facebook (The Pearl Fajardo)
Image: Facebook (The Pearl Fajardo)

Who can blame them right? Would you try it? Looks like something that could be a food challenge on Fear Factor.

But as the saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” How would we have gotten scrumptious cheese fries if someone didn’t take the bold step of selling it.

I just wonder if someone at the company actually taste-tested it before launching the item.

For your info, it’s not just weird; it’s the definition of “unhealthy”. Just watch a video we’ve done about bubble tea and you’ll understand:

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So, how does boba with fries taste?

Since we’re in Singapore, the closest we can get to is…

KFC’s Brown Sugar Boba Tea Tarts

Yup, Goody Feed had the horror pleasure of taste-testing KFC’s Brown Sugar Boba Tea Tarts as part of our weekly #fastfoodfriday adventures.


All I could think of as I bit into the gooey, eggy concoction was: Did the taste-testers at KFC lose their taste buds before trying it?

Just look for the article in our app and you’ll know the answer.