Bubble Tea Popcorn Are Now in S’pore Cuz Everything Bubble Tea


In an alternate universe where cats bark and dogs meow, I bet there’s one constant: the love for bubble teas by millennials.

Despite its high calories, the drink has been the bane of a healthy lifestyle but it’s one that’s definitely more than just a fad: as you read this article, I’m pretty sure another bubble tea shop has just opened somewhere in Singapore.

The younger folks in Goody Feed love it so much that we did a video about it:

And brands know about this, because we’ve got bubble tea bread…

…bubble tea hotpot…

…and now, bubble tea popcorn.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Say what!?

Image: Tenor

Pop-Smile Bubble Tea Flavoured Popcorn

By now, most Singaporeans would know about the Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook Page: the admin seems to have some magical teleporter that allows him or her to transport to places with great deals.

And this time, it’s the trusty Facebook Page that discovered this gem that’d make every millennial drool: a bubble tea flavoured popcorn.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Found in the FairPrice Finest at Junction 8, it’s sold at $3.50 per tub, which is a tad bit expensive considering that it’s mere 70g.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

However, according Singapore Atrium Sale, it does feel like bubble tea: the admin added that “the milk tea flavour ones are pretty lightly flavoured, probably to bring out the flavourful brown sugar ones.”

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Of course, from the look of it, it doesn’t seem to contain tapioca pearls, the main ingredient (at least to me) for bubble tea.

It’s unknown whether it’s available in all FairPrice Finest or not (though usually, they’d import not just for one store), but if you die-die want one and refuse to travel down to Bishan, there’s another alternative.

EA Mart

Lest you’re not aware, Redmart isn’t the only online supermarket in Singapore.

EA Mart, which I’m 101% certain that it’s unrelated to the creator of FIFA 2019, is another online Singapore supermarket and here’s the ticket: they sell this popcorn as well.

Image: eamart.com

With free delivery daily, this popcorn might just kickstart your journey with the local online supermarket.

Now, of course you should be wondering: What is Pop-Smile, the brand that came out with this concoction?

Pop-Smile, The Popcorn King

It’s no surprise that Pop-Smile is from Taiwan, given that bubble tea was born there, too. The brand, by a company known as Taiwan Smile Food, also have several interesting popcorn, such as the Hello Kitty Caramel popcorn.

Image: smilefoodtw.com

They pride themselves as using premium raw materials and non-GMO corn. Would we see more of them, given that gourmet popcorn seems to be the next trend nowadays?

Let’s wait and see.