Bubble Tea Toast Now in Eighteen Chefs & Here’s a Review of It

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This was overheard in an old kopitiam at Bukit Batok:

Elderly #1: Nowadays ah, youngsters put bubble tea pearls on everything and spoil those traditional food

Elderly #2 (sipping his teh): Yalah, that time I asked my granddaughter to buy me teh and she bought a bubble tea for me, claiming that it’s milk tea!

Elderly #1: I know right

Elderly #2 (grabbing his toast): Luckily they haven’t spoilt something as simple as a toast. If not I—

Then a bald large-sized man, wearing a white cook shirt and looking fierce despite how much he tried to smile, passed the elderly something.

“Hold my beer,” he said.

Eighteen Chefs Released Brown Sugar Boba Toast Series

In 2019, fusion food is the trend, and fusing bubble tea pearls with anything is the key to that trend.

We’ve got bubble tea hotpot…

…bubble tea ice-cream…

Image: TP Tea SG Facebook Page

…and so, it’s no surprise that Eighteen Chefs has come out with this:

Known as the Brown Sugar Boba Toast Series, it comprises two versions: the original version and the Milo version.

Simply put, it’s just a toast covered with cream and…tropical pearls that XiaoBeach73 would die for.


At $8.80  ($6.80 for students) for the original flavour and $9.80 ($7.80 for students) for the Milo flavour, it’s not exactly the cheapest, so we’ve taken the initiative to review it for you on whether it’s worth the calories and the hole in your wallet.

(Actually I went to Shilin Night Market and couldn’t buy any food, so I’ve to makan in Eighteen Chefs instead).

How It Looks

It does look pretty awesome in photo, so does that Instagram-worthiness translate to real life?

A resounding yes.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

In fact, you can say that the pearls actually shine—shocking because even if you drink bubble tea daily (which, by the way, you really shouldn’t), you won’t have the chance to see the pearls in its full glory.

But how does it taste?


Taste Test

To be honest, I’ve not expected much.

After all, I’m pretty sure the restaurant chain is merely riding on the trend, and despite their reputation for having great food, I cannot imagine how tapioca pearls would match well with toast.

I was wrong.

I got the original version and the cream, which tasted like concentrated milk, is a delight: it sinks onto the crispy toast perfectly, and the sweetness of the fluffy bread made every bite gratifying. Some might think it’s way too sweet, but it’s perfect for me.


Notice that I’ve not spoken about the pearls yet?

There’s a reason for that: the pearls slide down the bread as fast as I can grab them, so having them together is an art altogether. In fact, I reckoned I’ve dropped at least five pearls on the table and another five on the floor.

Having the pearls with the bread apparently makes no difference: the chewy pearls didn’t add much to the already hearty experience. However, it doesn’t turn the food into some weird concoction; it’s still edible and acceptable, although I honestly think the pearls are merely a messy add-on that’s not necessary.

Should you try it? I’d say that if you’re a bubble tea fan, it’s imperative that you give it a go.

If not, try only when you’ve got enough calories (and moolah) to spare, because after downing the whole thing, I’ve a feeling that I’ve just added one inch to my waist.


Rating: 4/5

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