How Bubble Tea Will Affect Your Mind & Body If You Have Them Daily

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Telling you that bubble teas are unhealthy is just like telling you what tomorrow’s weather in Singapore is going to be: It’ll be cloudy and sunny with some rain somewhere.

Everyone knows that.

But do you know that if you drink a cup of bubble tea, you’re essentially having up to 18.5 teaspoons of sugar?

If you’re a visual person, you might want to watch this video to the end on what bubble tea will do to your mind and body:

Too scared to watch it?

Well, read on to know more about what bubble tea does to your body, though here’s a disclaimer: It’s just as scary.

What Bubble Tea Does to Your Body

Here’s the basic: depending on the flavour and topping, one cup of bubble tea can contain about 300 to 400 calories. That’s almost the same number of calories in a bowl of fishball noodles.

Lest you’re not aware, calories (or to be more specific, taking in more calories than burning them) are the culprit for weight gain, so drinking bubble tea will indirectly cause weight gain.

Most people know that, but why is bubble tea bad, since all food contains calories?

Here’s the thing: some food kind of “slowly” releases the energy to your body, so you won’t feel super energetic once you have it. This is what is known as a low GI food, and simply put, it’s good for you if you’re not eating it for a marathon.

Conversely, bubble tea is a super high GI food, so unless you’re on a 24k route march, it’s not good for you.

You see, when you drink sugar-loaded drinks like bubble teas, all the “energy” will be released into your body fast.

So if you sit down and do nothing, this energy won’t have any place to go…and your body will store them as fats.

So unless you go for a sprint immediately after you drink a cup of bubble tea, chances all, the energy won’t be used and will be conserved as body fats

Also, remember the “lots of energy” in your body? These are actually blood sugar, and it’s not goody for them to stay high, as they’ll increase the chances of heart disease and stroke, and many other chronic health conditions.


Now you know how bad it is for your body, let’s look at how bad it is for your mind.

What Bubble Tea Does to Your Mind

Do you have coffee at 7pm, say, after your dinner?

No? Why? Because the caffeine will keep you awake at night?


Image: The Len /

You see, a cup of bubble tea have almost the same, if not MORE, caffeine than a cup of coffee.

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In case you’re not aware, caffeine might be able to keep you employed but it’s actually messing with your mind to keep you awake.

The science behind caffeine is that it tricks your mind into thinking that it doesn’t need sleep when it does, and we all know cheating isn’t healthy.

When your mind doesn’t have the caffeine it needs, it’ll crave for it, and that’s why bubble tea is addictive; you might not know this, but you might be addicted to bubble tea’s caffeine instead of the chewy pearls.


There’s no study to show why people are addicted to bubble tea yet, but only one ingredient in bubble tea has an addictive effect, so you can bet that caffeine could’ve been the culprit.

And if you’ve seen zombies in the morning, you’d know the withdrawal symptoms of not having caffeine.

Bubble Tea Market Still Set to Grow

The global bubble tea industry is projected to hit USD$3.21 billion by 2023, and judging from the tears shed when bubble tea shops were forced to close down during Singapore’s lockdown last year, you can bet that the number could be higher than expected.

Now, before we end, here’s a disclaimer: bubble tea might not be known as a healthy drink, but the word “healthy” is actually very subjective.

What if I tell you that apples can have the same amount of sugar as a cup of bubble tea, too?


It’s true, though you’ll need to eat about three to four apples to get this amount of sugar, and it’s the type of sugar that releases the energy slowly.

But still, they’re sugar and calories

So the takeaway?

Eat in moderation.

Because having 10 apples is just as “unhealthy” as having a cup of brown sugar bubble tea.

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