Both Bukit Batok Candidates Condemn an Online Personal Attack on PAP’s Candidate


There’s only one thing that’s been flooding the news in Singapore lately.

Editor: Yes.

It’s the latest season of Game of Thrones.

Editor: Wait what? That was last year.

Actually, it sort of is.

It is the time where all Houses go to war to see who gets to reign over our nation for the next term.

General Election 2020

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As a base summary, every electoral division is contested by at least two political parties. The candidates who earn the majority of the votes wins, and gets a seat in the Parliament.

The Bukit Batok SMC is no different, and Mr Murali Pillai of the PAP is running against SDP Dr Chee Soon Juan.

But as anyone who has watched Game of Thrones would know, people don’t always play fair for the leaders they support.

“Scurrilous Attack” Against PAP’s Murali Pillai

Some people take the elections so seriously they would stop at nothing to ensure their favoured party’s victory, even if it is via underhanded means.

A video had been circulating on Facebook which revealed private information and pointed out issues with Mr Murali Pillai’s family and his son, who had been a victim of a scandal and is serving a sentence for offences.

Due to the timing of the post, it had been an obvious act of malice intended to undermine Mr Murali Pillai’s political position.

Image: Facebook

In a Facebook post addressing this issue, Mr Murali Pillai shared that he would not be deterred by the “scurrilous attack” that was made against his family, and in fact, would fight doubly hard to win the support of Bukit Batok’s support.


The post included a short video clip, which you may watch here:

Support From Opposition

Dr Chee Soon Juan was displeased with this attack as well.

In his own Facebook post addressing the matter, Dr Chee Soon Juan chose to stand with Mr Murali Pillai and wished for the circulation of the video to stop.

Image: Facebook

He then said that “this is not what politics should be”, and that it should be “about ideas on how we can make our nation better, not personal attacks like this.”


Hats off and respect to Dr Chee Soon Juan for his position.

As he said, politics should not be about using personal underhanded attacks to win votes.

Let’s wish all the political parties all the best in the upcoming election and prevent the circulation of personal attacks against any individuals.

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