A Bukit Batok BTO Looks so Comfy, It Has a Pool Table & a Mini Home Cinema

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Usually, HDB flats wouldn’t exactly be worth writing about.

They are, after all, commonplace with the same layout and format. And chances are; there wouldn’t be near enough renovations to separate one unit from another.

And yet, from time to time, we get a residence that’s so different… so unique that we feel compelled to write about it.

And in this particular case, it certainly appears to be.

A Bukit Batok BTO Looks so Comfy, It Has a Pool Table & a Mini Home Cinema

On 29 December 2020, interior design studio Carpenters 匠 took to Facebook with an absolutely masterpiece.

Somehow, somehow, they’ve managed to convert a routinely stale HDB flat…

Into this.

Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

Created by designer MeiLam, the concept was described as an “eclectic design”, and I gotta say;

That description squarely hits the mark.

Gone are the boring conventions of old. Gone are the space-constraining confines of the past.

Instead, tons of space now lie in their wake, occupied by entertainment devices that would have been, usually, exclusive to landed property.

We’re talking about a sprawling pool table and a home theatre, complete with a cosy bar counter.

Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

And to simulate the entire experience, there are even roller shutters that can be activated at will.


So essentially, you have to option to “close shop” at night (or in the morning).

Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

The seating quarters have also been lined up nicely such that there are two levels to watch the TV from.

Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

No more jostling on limited seats, it seems.

Meanwhile, for the curious ones, here’s a sneak peek at what the rest of the flat has to offer.


Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

So the next time you think ‘oh, such posh living quarters are surely only exclusive to landed property’…

Just remember this particular interior design studio, and the masterpiece they’ve created out of a typical HDB flat.

Entertainment Hub

Incidentally, the post has since gone viral, collating over 390 likes & reactions, as well as 222 shares.


Netizens have also appraised the concept of the flat, though there were questions about the practicality of the premises.

Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

One also wondered about the whole “home theatre” notion, and whether it was really as impressive as it could have been.

Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

Meanwhile, another speculated whether the impressiveness of the flat came at the cost of the bomb shelter.


Spoiler, it didn’t.

Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

Nonetheless, the general reception appears to still be that of interest and appraisal.

Spoilt For Choice

Meanwhile, another flat design in 2020 got people talking, though the exact reason why may leave more to be desired.


Thankfully, it turned out to be a meme shared in good humour.

But hey, if it floats your boat, by all means go ahead.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Featured Image: Facebook (Carpenters 匠 )

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