Bun Times By Old Chang Kee Selling Durian Cheese Tarts With Real Durian Flesh

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If we were to say Bun Times, you probably don’t know what we’re talking about.

Image: Bun Times

Except that maybe, just maybe, it sells buns?

But if we were to say that this was opened by Old Chang Kee?

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Ahh, then it’s a whole different story, right?

After all, Old Chang Kee is well-known for providing delicious fried goodness in generous quantities.

Just look at their normal $1.50 curry puff.

Image: mynewsdesk.com

So when we heard that Bun Times was opened by Old Chang Kee?

It’s like a thumbs up for quality assurance.


So now, why does that matter?

Because durian cheese tarts, yo! And it’s not just any durian cheese tarts.

It’s durian cheese tarts with real durians inside.

Image: Bun Times

Bun Times has launched time limited cheese tart that is guaranteed to give you your durian fix, and your cheese fix, with a twist.

Imagine creamy durian flesh and equally creamy cheese, slathered over buttery crusts.

Like we mentioned, this is not a permanent item on the menu so make sure you try them fast before they get sold out.

Judging by Old Chang Kee’s previous Nasi Lemak incident, it’s highly possible. Lest you’re not aware, the nasi lemak curry puff back then got sold out so fast, we couldn’t get our hand on it at all from stores.

Now, back to the Durian Cheese Tart.

You can get 1 piece at $2.80, 2 for $5.00 or 3 at $7.20.

Notice how it’s getting cheaper the more you buy? Time to jio your durian loving friends out for cheese tart gathering liao.

And the best part? It’s halal-certified so we can all enjoy these babies with our Muslim friends.

But here’s the bad news: there are only two Bun Times outlets in Singapore.

FairPrice Hub

  • 1 Joo Koon Circle #01-36 Singapore 629117 (beside Old Chang Kee)
  • 7 am – 7 pm (Mon to Fri) / 7 am – 4 pm (Sat) / 10 am – 4 pm (Sun)

Tiong Bahru Plaza

  • 302 Tiong Bahru Road #B1-123 Singapore 168732
  • 10 am – 10 pm (Open Every day)

Oh, yes, by the way…

This has nothing to do with the durian cheese tarts but have you tried OCK’s sour cream and onion chunky chicken bites?

Image: oldchangkee.com

If you haven’t, you’ve got to try them. It could be even better than the nacho cheese version, in my honest opinion.

The trick is to stalk the stall and buy it when it just came out from the fryer. The powder plus piping hot chicken? You can die happy after eating it.

#JustSaying #SorryCouldntResist #NotSponsored


And, to add on to even more Old Chang Kee-ness to this article, here’s something you might want to know if you live in the north.

(Or if you’re willing to go up north just for this)

Over in Woodlaands MRT Station, there’s a hidden and pretty much hidden gem by Old Chang Kee. Known as Dip ‘N’ Go, it sells finger food with a variety of dips which you can mix.

Image: dipngo.com

We’ve two people living in Woodlands in the office and all they can say is this: it’s their to-go whenever they’re taking the train.

Yah, it’s that good.

We highly recommend the the chicken pops and dip it with honey mustard and barbecue sauce (add wasabi if you’re in for some challenge). That combination is supposedly heavenly.

So here’s the takeaway: if you’re in for some durian cheese tart, head down to FairPrice Hub or Tiong Bahru Plaza. Love some finger food dipped in sauces that you can mix? Head down to Woodlands.

If you’re just craving for any Old Chang Kee, just go downstairs lah. They’re everywhere.


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