Burger King Launches Avocado Croissan’Wich On Breakfast Menu From $5.50

Image: Burger King

There are several truths to the world.

The first is that burgers are universally accepted as great meals items. Quick, easy and tasty treats on the go.

The second is that no matter how much you dislike them, fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet.

The third is…there are 86 pages worth of articles if you search ‘burger’ in GoodyFeed.

Okay then.

But hey, what if I tell you that you can be healthy and have a delicious burger at the same time?

Time for value.

AV-Got You Bro

I would ask you to guess, but you probably read the title already.

Starting from 8 October, Burger King is introducing a brand new item to the breakfast menu: the AVOCADO CROISSAN’WICH®!


If you didn’t know wich fruit I was referencing, now you do.

Aside from my utterly unbiased opinion that avocado is delicious, let me hit you some knowledge.

Image: Giphy

The avocado is a known superfood and is one of the most nutrient-dense fruits packed with twenty different vitamins and minerals.

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The fruit is also high in antioxidants, as well as potassium and monounsaturated oleic acid which is essential for a healthy bodily function.

The burger as a whole contains slices of creamy avocado, crispy turkey bacon, a slice of American cheese on a patty of turkey sausage and a layer of satisfying scrambled egg.

Image: giphy

You’re basically getting a whole breakfast set in one burger, no complaints from me!

The Price Of Deliciousness

The above is probably what all of you are asking right now av-haven’t forget about it.

The AVOCADO CROISSAN’WICH® is selling at $5.50 for ala carte orders, the Value Meal is selling at $7.00 and comes with hash browns and tea.


What’s that? You want extra avocado slices on your breakfast entrees? No worries!

For just $0.90, you can add three slices of avocado, which basically means I’m always paying $1.80.

Image: Imgur

So far, I see only a start date with no end in sight, so don’t worry about rushing for it, take your time with this one.

So that I can rush and take all of mine. 

I haven’t been back to Burger King in a while, but I think it’s time I hunt down the nearest outlet and go get me some avocado burgers.

Until the next time you read my article, I hope you can…

…avo-nice day.