Burger King Going to Sell Truffle Mayo Fries, Malty Float ‘Gao’ & All-Time Favourite Teh Tarik Pie


A big fan of Burger King’s awesome Teh Tarik Pie?

Unable to survive without their sumptuous truffle mayo fries?

Chronically thirsty for that ‘gao gao’ malty float?

Well, rejoice; for Burger King has brought them all…


Image: Burger King
Image: Gfycat

Star Buys

Burger King’s Star Buys have been a highlight for many years running, so you could only imagine my delight when Burger King announced not just the newest season of its appetising Star Buys…

But three brand-new treats atop a variety of delicious favourites!


Starting from 9 April 2019, customers will be treated to a list of tempting treats that include the following enticing new treats:

Belgian Chocolate Sundae

Image: Burger King

Cool and creamy, the Belgian Chocolate Sundae is swirled to perfection and will surely satisfy all your chocolatey desires.

Malty Float “Gao”

Image: Burger King

Perfect for enjoyment on a warm sunny day (especially Singapore’s swelteringly hot weather), the Malty Float “Gao” is an innovative take on the classic float. Served with a generous scoop of chocolate soft serve floating atop a rich and malty cool drink, the Malty Float “Gao” is the perfect complement to any meal.

Truffle Mayo Fries

Image: Burger King

Honestly speaking, these are probably the most dope fries I’ve seen in a while. Crispy in texture and golden-brown in colour, these thick-cut fries are served with a creamy dollop of truffle mayo (crafted with mayonnaise, white truffle-flavoured olive oil and black truffle pâté) for gratifying premium goodness.


And of course, as mentioned above, one absolutely can’t go wrong with the…

Teh Tarik Pie

Image: Burger King

Packed with a generous amount of creamy and rich teh tarik filling characterised with the familiar taste of the beloved local tea beverage, it’s no wonder Burger King themselves have said:

“One will be forgiven when one reaches out for a second helping”.

And then, of course, there’re the other attractive star buys:

  • Taro Pie
  • BK Fried Chicken
  • BK Nuggets
  • Cheesy Fries
  • Hamburger

Which will all retail at the following prices:

  • (New) Belgian Chocolate Sundae – SGD$2.50
  • (New) Malty Float “Gao” – SGD$3.20 (medium)
  • (New) Truffle Mayo Fries – SGD$2.90 (regular)
  • (Back by popular demand) Teh Tarik Pie – SGD$1.20
  • Taro Pie – SGD$1.00
  • BK Fried Chicken – SGD$2.90 (offering of chicken parts is subject to availability)
  • BK 9-Piece Nuggets – SGD$3.00
  • Cheesy Fries – SGD$2.50 (regular)
  • Hamburger – SGD$2.50
Image: finding design

And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you’ve been voraciously awaiting the Teh Tarik pie’s return like my colleague here…

“I’m so going to buy 1,000,000 of these underrated delicacies and eat them over the next 69 years,” said Boon Hun. “That’ll teach you to take them away again, Burger King.”

Or if you’ve been craving for Burger King’s new additions like my boss here…


Then trust me;

This is one trip to Burger King you’ve gotta make.


For more information on BURGER KING and its current promotions, please visit www.burgerking.com.sg.

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