Burger King S’pore Now Having Crispy Chicken Cutlet for $3.90

There seems to be some fascination with boneless chicken cutlet in Singapore recently.

Firstly, we’ve got McDonald’s launching their crispy boneless chicken in selected outlets. It literally tastes just like McSpicy (I can 90% confirm it’s McSpicy patty coz I laosai that night) without the buns, and for some reasons it’s strangely addictive.

Secondly, I just had chicken cutlet rice for lunch today. Coincidence? I think not.

And thirdly, we just realized that Burger King, even when their name specifically mentions that they’re the king of burgers, has launched chicken cutlet.

Yah, I kid you not. Take a look:

If the hand isn’t a baby hand, then I reckon it’ll be the size of Taiwan XXL chicken cutlet. After all, it’s supposedly 100% chicken meat leh, so it won’t taste like an oversized nugget.

At $3.90 ala carte, it doesn’t break your wallet though we can’t vouch for the taste yet.

And of course, if that doesn’t fill your stomach, go ahead and get their stackers burgers, whereby you can add in as many patties as you want in a burger for an additional $1.80 per patty.

I’ve tried one with four patties before, and here’s my suggestion: keep it at three even if you feel that you can eat a horse. You’ll feel extremely jaded with so many similarly tasted patties.

Now, before you head down to any Burger King outlet, do remember this: they, just like KFC, has gone the straw-less way.

Image: Burger King Singapore

But unlike KFC, whereby straws have completely disappeared from all outlets, Burger King won’t go all in: straws and lids would still be provided for takeaways and delivery.

For dine-ins, straws and lids won’t be available on default: you’ll have to get it from the counter crew, and not from this box that we’re oh-so-familiar with:

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Image: qoo10.sg

Not that it’s a big deal. You don’t makan chicken cutlet with a straw, right?

Image: says.com

Oh. Maybe I’m wrong.

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