Burger & Lobster Opening Flagship Outlet at Raffles Arcade By the End of This Year

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Sick and tired of travelling all the way to Burger & Lobster @ Jewel Changi Airport, only to wait even more behind dozens and dozens of awaiting patrons?

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Well, if you can relate to the aforementioned point, worry not my dear good-looking fella/lass. Because pretty soon…

You’ll only have to contend with the latter.

In the last quarter of 2019, Burger & Lobster will be opening its second outlet here…

And it’ll be situated at none other than the more centrally located Raffles Arcade.

Burger & Lobster Opening Another Outlet at Raffles Arcade By the End of This Year

According to 8 Days, Raffles Arcade, the shopping and eating enclave housed within Raffles Hotel, has reopened after almost two years of restoration work.

Image: 8 Days

And while that’s definitely good news in itself, here’s something to really scream in delight.

Burger & Lobster’s much anticipated second outlet… will lie right smack in the interior of Raffles Arcade!

Image: Yahoo

Described as a “more refined, elegant” version of Jewel’s outlet, this more centrally located branch will be Burger & Lobster’s flagship outlet in Singapore and is expected to be three times larger than its Jewel counterpart. However, unlike the Changi branch, the restaurant here will not boast two floors.

It also comes equipped with an al fresco bar area and will be taking over the space previously occupied by mod Asian restaurant, The Halia.

Wider options available

It won’t simply be a larger blueprint too, as the upcoming flagship eatery will be boasting an expanded menu. According to the press release, there will be a wider selection of not only lobsters but burgers, oysters and cocktails as well.

“This branch promises to spoil diners with a wider selection of lobsters, burgers, oysters and cocktails, reflecting the dedication to quality synonymous with their London menu which uses the same fresh lobsters from Nova Scotia and Nebraskan beef patties, in a setting befitting the iconic sophistication of the Raffles Hotel Singapore,” says the press release.

While there’s no confirmation on what the new menu will entail exactly, the brand’s PR rep has reportedly told 8 Days that the restaurant’s signature dishes like The Original Roll ($40), Original Lobster ($65) and The Mayfair ($25) burger will also be served here, and quite likely at the same prices as at Jewel Changi Airport too.

Image: 8 Days

That end of year vacation you were going on? Well, Burger and Lobster @ Raffles Arcade might just make you think twice.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

Granted, the flagship outlet’s still far from being a reality for patrons, but with the months ticking down…

Having your favourite lobster roll somewhere nearer to home should already be within grasp.

So mark down your calendar, note down the location:

#01-25, Raffles Arcade, 1 Beach Rd, S189673.

And I’ll see you there. 🙂

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