Bus Captains’ Marriage With Wedding Photos in Uniform Won Netizens’ Hearts

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While watching Korean dramas, I realised that a meet cute always happens in the workplace. It’s a very common setting in some dramas, and the meet cute always goes that the male and female lead meet on their first day.

Or the female lead is the male lead’s secretary. Or the other way round. (Not all dramas have this setting, BTW. Just giving an example.)

And at the end of the day, they live happily ever after.

Well, I don’t think these two bus captains met like that.

But one thing’s for sure, they did have their very own Korean drama style happy ending.

Worked for the same company

According to Mothership, the couple actually worked together under the same bus operator before.

The couple is Malaysian Yong Mei Yen and Chin Kim Yen. The two are currently bus captains under Tower Transit Singapore (TTS).

Although they worked together previously under another same bus operator, it was only when they started working under TTS that they started to get to know each other.

They operate different services, too.

Ms Yong drives bus service 66, while Mr Chin drives bus service 143.

9 Months

It is not known when the two have started working under TTS, or how long they have been together for.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, Mr Chin only confessed to her after nine months after gathering the courage to do so.

That’s really cute.

The couple registered their marriage on 6 May this year.

Unique Photoshoot

Instead of having a traditional wedding photoshoot at ordinary locations, they opted to pay homage to where it all started.

On June 8, they had a photoshoot at the Jurong East bus depot.

Image: Facebook / KY Chin

They took one with bus 143. In internet slang, 143 also means I love you.

Get it, because “I” has one letter, “love” has 4 letters and “you” has 3 letters. People rarely use this, though.

But still, it’s quite cute.

Here’s another photo that looks a little more dramatic.

Image: Facebook / KY Chin

And another one to truly bring out the essence of the photoshoot at the bus depot.

Image: Facebook / KY Chin

They even wore their uniforms. That’s adorable.


TTS also congratulated the couple on their marriage.

Other Love Stories

Ms Yong and Mr Chin are not the only couple who met like this.

The other transport companies, SMRT & SBS had stories like this too.


Last year, another couple had their wedding photoshoot at an SBS bus interchange. The two, Mohammad Firdaus Jamli and Siti Nur Farina, are bus captains at SBS.


The two met at Boon Lay Bus Interchange. And like Ms Yong and Mr Chin, also paid homage to the company and bus interchange where it all began.

They tied the knot in September.


This couple didn’t have their wedding photoshoot at a bus depot or interchange, but share a similar meet cute.

The couple, Baharudin bin Johan and Zulaila binte Dollah first met each other in 2003 when they were stationed at Raffles Place MRT. Apparently, it was like love at first sight and the two hit it off from there.


They’ve been married since 2005. Unfortunately for them, they have not worked together at the same station since they were married.

Still cute, though.

Also, why does it only happen in the West? And what can we learn from this?

Love is an open door indeed.

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