Bus Driver Closing Window But Was Online Shamed to Be Showing Middle Finger


If the recent incidents circulating online hasn’t alerted you to this fact yet…

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Image: channelnewsasia.com

Whatever you see online cannot be trusted 100%.

So before you stick your metaphorical guns out and go bang, bang, bang, think first. Is what you see online really what happened?

Because for the two articles mentioned above, they were wrongly identified and accused of doing something they didn’t do.

And they were harassed online incessantly for it.

So now, on 30 July, the same thing happened again to another unfortunate driver.

Bus Captain Flashes Headlight, Points Middle Finger At Motorist

On 27 Jul 2018, a post was uploaded onto SG Road Vigilante. A bus driver allegedly beamed a motorist who failed to give way to his bus.

And later on in the video, the bus driver allegedly pointed the middle finger at the motorist after he overtook him.

The entire incident happened at Ngee Ann City bus stop. A bus driver tried to filter into the middle lane but the motorist didn’t give way.

In the back camera, the bus high beamed him and when the motorist was making a right turn into Ngee Ann City, it seemed like the bus driver flashed the middle finger at him.

Here, watch the video for yourself here.

And as expected, once it’s known that an SMRT bus driver did this to a poor, innocent Singapore motorist, the comments started coming in.


Some said this isn’t the first bus driver that did this.

All foreign workers same one lah.

It’s the policy’s fault lah


And of course, the company has to be alerted

With such a huge transgression, the company has to be alerted so that the bus driver will be punished, right?

And since SMRT has to uphold its branding, they’d have to start investigating the incident.

And this is what they found.

Sorry ah, paiseh hor, it’s all a misunderstanding.

The spokesperson for SMRT, Ms Margaret Teo, said that they’ve investigated the incident and found that the bus driver didn’t display any inappropriate behaviour.

When the bus was filtering out of the bus stop, the bus driver had opened the window and gestured to other vehicles about his intentions.


As he was passing by the motorist in question, the bus driver had actually reached out to close the window, and not flash the middle finger.

And after some CSI by Goody Feed very own forensic experts

What this person commented on the post made sense.

And by that, we think he means the middle finger is pretty short. Because we have no idea if he’s really seen the bus driver’s…uh umm, you know.

So we got cracking.


After countless hours of investigating (read: 5 minutes) and the prodigious use of Photoshop, we’ve determined that the bus driver most likely didn’t display any inappropriate behaviour.

In fact, we’re confident enough to say that the middle finger wasn’t flashed.

Evidence One: That’s not the middle finger.

Count it properly. You’d realised that the finger sticking out is the index finger.

And two: he was closing the window.

Right as the bus passes by, you can catch the bus driver actually in the midst of closing the window.


So there you go, yet another person wrongly accused.


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