Bus Driver Turned Off Air-Con & Refused to Drive After Man Boarded with Durians


Last Updated on 2023-06-12 , 9:57 am

The stench is unbearable.

No, we are not talking about people’s BO recently due to the scorching weather.

We’re talking about durians brought onto the bus.

A bus driver turned off the air-con and refused to drive after an uncle boarded the bus with durians.

Here is what happened.

Man Boarded Bus With Durians

A TikTok video posted earlier this week shows that some drama occurred in a bus due to durians.

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An uncle in an orange polo shirt can be seen standing near the front of the bus with some red plastic bags in front of him.

Image: TikTok (@thh0930)

Whatever could be in those bags?

In the video’s audio, it appears that durians were in the bag (though we can’t verify since we can’t smell through a video).

For those who have lived in Singapore for a while now, you should know that durians are not allowed on the bus.

According to the Ministry of Transport, durians are not allowed on public transport like trains and buses. The reason is that the “overpowering aroma” of the King of Fruits “may be unpleasant for some and lingers in air-conditioned areas”.

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Bus Driver Turned Off Air-Con and Refused to Drive

So what do you do when a passenger brings durians on board?

It appears that one bus driver decided to turn off the air-con and refuse to drive as the passenger was flouting the public transport rules.

The on-screen caption of the video reads, “driver off Aircon and refuse to drive”.


The bus appears to be stationary as the passengers kick up a fuss about the bus not driving.

Many complaints can be heard in Chinese, angrily scolding the driver for not moving and asking the driver why there is a big fuss about the durians being on board.

One voice chimes in Chinese that it is “only for one stop”. Presumably, the uncle in the orange polo shirt was the one who said that.

Amongst the commotion of voices is one female voice, which says, in Chinese, that this is because of all the “complaints that were received”.

This voice probably belonged to the bus driver, who was trying to defend herself from all the angry passengers who were being held up from arriving at their destinations.


The video also pans to show the numerous passengers on the bus. One of the voices in the video says that there were “30 to 40 passengers” affected by the hold-up.

Image: TikTok (@thh0930)

Eventually, the bus starts to drive off, and the video ends.