Pillars in Punggol That Block View of Incoming Buses Have Now ‘Slimmed Down’

Last Updated on 2023-08-01 , 12:50 pm

After the news reported about the pillars at Punggol bus stops that block commuters’ view of incoming buses, LTA changed the pillars to slimmer ones.

This, dear readers, is the power of the news. Or is this because Ho Ching also complained about it?

The Problem With The Punggol Bus Stop

On 11 August, a Facebook user by the alias of Jack Lisa took to Facebook to complain about the bus stop outside Punggol MRT station.

Image: facebook.com (Jack Lisa)

Jack wrote, “Whoever designed this bus stop is really dumb… I wonder how to see if the bus stop is coming… The only way you see the bus coming is you have to stand near the main road to see the bus coming then I see no point in having the chairs there…”

Shin Min Daily News also reported that other commuters are facing the same problem as well, whereby the pillars are obstructing the vision of approaching buses.

This issue only worsens when there is more than one bus arriving at a time.

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LTA’s Responses 

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) first responded by saying that these bus stops were narrower because they were converted from passenger pick-up points. They also stated that they can’t really solve this issue, since the drain behind the bus stop causes space constraints and it prevents further expansion.

As a temporary solution, the authorities are working with bus operators to remind bus captains to slow down when approaching these bus stops.

However, it seems like there is more that could have been done after all, since they’ve recently replaced three of the pillars with thinner ones.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

The thinner pillars allowed commuters to see the buses through the gaps, which is a huge improvement compared to the previous design.

Residents interviewed by Shin Min Daily News expressed satisfaction at the replacement, saying that they can finally sit down and wait for the bus.

Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News