Cafe in Holland V Popular For Their Waffles & Ice Cream Now Selling White Rabbit Ice Cream

90’s kids, listen up!

Remember this sweet that almost every single of one went crazy over at one point or another in our childhood?


Back then, kids were wondering if you can simply unwrap the sweet and eat it, or unwrap the transparent layer before chewing on the milk-flavoured candy.

Well, guess what? This popular candy is making a comeback again.

This time in the form of a sweet, cold treat.

Sunday Folks, popular for their Pistachio Ice Cream, is now selling white rabbit ice cream.

Yes. White. Rabbit.

Image: Sunday Folks Facebook Page

Inspired by the white rabbit candy, it’s milk ice cream laced with milk-caramel sauce and milk mochi.

And to make the entire experience even more authentic, the sweet treat comes with an edible glutinous rice paper like those you used to eat together with the candy.

Image: Tenor

But make sure to be fast-hand-fast-leg because it’s a limited time item only.

They Have Tons Of S’porean Favourite Flavours Too

Before the Little White Rabbit, the cosy cafe was known for serving up ice cream flavours that just fits our Singaporean palate, like magic.

I mean, look at the Pistachio Ice Cream

Image: Sunday Folks Facebook Page

And after looking at the picture…you can see why, right?

Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice Cream

Image: Sunday Folks Facebook Page

Made with ingredients from both the east and west, this sweet treat is one to behold.

Sea Salt flakes from England and Gula Melaka from Malaysia are used to make an “Asian Salted Caramel”, and served with Gula Melaka mochi and Gula Melaka sauce.

It’s like the sweet and sour pork of the ice cream world if you really think about it.

Tokyo Yuzu Cheesecake

Image: Sunday Folks Facebook Page

And, of course, how can they be a cafe if they don’t have a selection of cakes, right?

If you’re there, don’t miss out on their Tokyo Yuzu Cheesecake slowly baked to perfection before they glazed it with yuzu peels.

And the best part? This Tokyo Yuzu Cheesecake is the #SundaySelection for the month of November.

You’ll get 10% off this delicious, creamy cake when you order it online.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit them at their store at Holland Village today, or tomorrow if you’re into symbolism.

Image: Sunday Folks Facebook Page

Where: 44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-52 Chip Bee Gardens S’pore 278116

Opening Hours: 1 – 10 pm (Tue to Thur) / 12 – 11 pm (Fri & Sat) / 12 – 10 pm (Sun) / Closed on Mon