Cafe-Style Cold Brew Coffee Now Available in 7-Eleven

Do correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t cold-brewed coffee just the best thing on Earth?

Editor: Wait, what in the world is that? Ice kopi?

Boonz: … Cold-brewed coffee, my dear, is the best thing to have come out since sliced bread.

What is that?

Cold-brewed coffee, lest you’re unaware, happens to be coffee that’s brewed. Cold.

Image: Tenor

Unlike hot brewed coffee, cafe-style cold brew coffee takes a whopping 18 – 24 hours to prepare. Shocking, I know, but the end result is worth your socks.

As it incorporates a far gentler infusion process that produces a drink of lower acidity, cold brew coffee turns out naturally sweeter.

And that’s when Nescafe comes into the picture.

Nescafe Cold Brew Coffee

Before you click away because you’re so sick and tired of our ludicrous advertising methods, hold on just a darn second because I’m telling you.

This is gold.

Brewed cold for more flavour, Nescafe’s Cold Brew is brewed under low temperatures and long hours, releasing a richer and naturally smooth coffee taste that brings you a different, exquisite indulgence.

Packaged in two different sumptuous flavours, Mocha and Latte, Nescafe’s Cold Brew Coffee will have you energised, sweetened and lip-smacking your way to a taste of heaven.

But hey, words are cheap, and so I’ve personally undertaken the all-important job of trying them myself.

Note: The following review stems from my opinion and is 100% real and uncensored.

Note1: Alright, maybe 99.9% (because my colleagues wanted to get in on the taste test).


Well, I hate to break it to you, but cold-brew coffee, atas as it sounds, don’t exactly look that different from normal coffee.

But hey, at least the appearance seems creamy and appetising. A definite plus in my books, I reckon.


I don’t normally go sniffing around in general, but I decided that for Nescafe’s latest renditions, I gotta make an exception.

And the result? A fine, pleasant aroma that would surely appeal to coffee fans out there.

Image: Tenor

As such, consider me sold (at least on the fragrance).


Last but not least, we have the main event, for, with all due respect, the most appetising food wouldn’t appease anyone if it tastes horrible.


And so the all-important question remains:

How does it taste?

Well, I gotta say;

It’s a pleasant surprise.

But for the benefit of everyone, I shall break this aspect down to accommodate each individual flavour.


Well, how do I describe it?

It’s bitter, yet sweet. It’s bittersweet.

But it’s not an unpleasant kind. In fact, it’s far from unpleasant. Rich in flavour and bursting with pleasantries, Nescafe’s Latte drink appealed tremendously to me, to the point where I ended up gulping down the whole drink before I even knew it.

This concoction’s legit pretty good.

Honestly speaking, even I was taken aback by just how good Nescafe’s Latte Cold Brew turned out to be. And as such, I immediately endeavoured to try its twin in the pack, the…


Well, well… how do I put this?

This one’s definitely for the choco lovers.


While the Latte proved aromatic with a flavoursome and somewhat bitter aftertaste, the Mocha turned out slightly thicker in texture, with a stronger and distinct chocolate aftertaste.

My verdict? If you like your chocolate and coffee to go together, this is probably your thing.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

Now, I don’t normally recommend beverages and whatnot, seeing how I’m not the most avid consumer of drinks myself. But boy, oh boy

These are definite must-tries.

Plus, they’re not even costly or anything, considering how they retail at a paltry $2.50 per bottle.

Image: Giphy

Yes, my missus and mister, your wallet’s safe.

PLUS, your convenience is definitely not to be compromised here, as the cold brew beverages are set to be stocked exclusively in 7-Eleven stores.

Which, lest you’re unaware, is pretty much everywhere.

Image: Yelp Singapore

And so, if you wish to be atas and yet not blow all your cash on corporations such as Starbus…

These are definitely worth a shot.

The Latte and Mocha drinks will be available from April 2019 onwards, in all 7-Eleven stores islandwide.

This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with Nestle.