Man Ordered Calvin Klein Underwear Online & Got Ones With Spelling Errors

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Last Friday was supposed to be a happy day for Facebook user, Jayrous Villannueva. Just like many online shoppers, the Filipino was probably excited when his Lazada package arrived.

However, that probably took a turn for the worse when Villanueva discovered that the products were, to say the least, not what he expected.

Meet Calvni Kelin

Villanueva took to Facebook and tagged Lazada on what can be considered a viral post with over 18,000 shares.

In the post, Villanueva wrote that he received Calvin Kelin boxer shorts instead of Calvin Klein ones.

Image: Facebook

He further added that Lazada rejected his request for a refund and that the seller “stupidly insisted that the brands are the same”.

“Macbook is not the same as Mcdonalds even though both brands are pronounced Mac,” he further added.

Request For Refund Rejected

Understandably, anyone would feel bamboozled. And obviously, anyone would want a refund.

However, it seems that the seller on Lazada had other plans in mind.

Image: Screenshot from Facebook

Villanueva included screenshots of him talking explaining to the seller about what had gone wrong.

When he pointed out that the brand name wasn’t what he had expected, the seller claimed that “they are all the same, but the models are different.”

Image: Screenshot from Facebook

Villanueva then tried to explain the difference further.

Image: Screenshot from Facebook

Instead of going all Karen mode on the seller, Villanueva decided that the seller could learn from this incident.


Image: Screenshot from Facebook

The English translation was cut out already on the screenshot he provided but it roughly translates to: We will do our best to improve on the language side to ensure that this problem won’t happen again.

Netizens’ Reactions

As frustrating as it seems, you can’t help but find this situation downright hilarious.

It seems that netizens who commented empathise with his situation but are also laughing along with him.

Image: Screenshot from Facebook

The second line roughly translates to “Jay makes me laugh!”


Some people have even commented that the boxer shorts are still ‘branded’.

It would seem that Villanueva is also having fun in this situation because he’s also laughing at the absurdity of it while replying to the comments with plenty of laughing and laugh-crying emojis.

It’s a good thing that Villanueva is taking this like a champ and hopefully, this won’t happen to him again when wanting new pairs of boxer shorts.

You can read his full post below:


Dear Lazada, I ordered 2 sets of Calvin Klein underwear but you sent me Calvni Kelin!😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😠😡😠😠 When i requested…

Posted by Jayrous Villanueva on Thursday, 24 September 2020

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