This Resort in Japan Allows You to Bathe in Chocolate & Wine


When thinking about hot springs, many think of Taiwan and Japan.

But if you want to compare the numbers, Japan is unbeatable.

Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture is known for its the large number of hot springs.


In less than 100km sq, there’s 470 hot springs to choose from!

To stand out from the rest of its competitors, Yunessun spa resort offers up to eight different pools to choose from, including coffee, wine and sake.

The coffee pool uses freshly-grounded coffee beans.

Image: Feet on Foreign Lands

French wine are also poured into the wine pool for tourists to drink.

Image: Amazing Planet

During this winter season, the resort introduced the chocolate pool.

Image: Luxuo

Chocolate lovers will love this pool to the max.

You get to literally bathe in chocolate and eat it at the same time!

There will be chefs on standby, helping to drizzle some chocolate sauce onto your body at your request.

Image: My Sinchew

Unlike other hot spring places, this resort does not provide accommodation.

Targeting one-day trips, they charge tourists a cheaper price as compared to others that include accommodation fees.

What a steal! Cheaper prices with eight pools to choose from!

Image: Lipstick Alley

This has helped them to attract 480,000 tourists annually.

According to a spokesperson, their success can also be attributed to the fact that their pools are not split between males and females.

Thus, family and friends can enjoy the fun together!

I mean, just imagine smearing chocolate all over your annoying brother.

Image: WiffleGif

Here’s a video done by EBC if you want a better idea on what the resort offers:

熱巧克力也能當溫泉泡? 「溫泉樂園」大玩創意商機

熱巧克力也能當溫泉泡? 「溫泉樂園」大玩創意商機#捲毛編:邊泡邊喝好幸福XD影片來源:CCTV#溫泉 #熱巧克力 #樂園

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