You Can Now Do ‘SOC’ in a Shopping Mall & Win Some Vouchers. Serious.

Last Updated on 2017-08-30 , 6:24 pm

Anyone who has been in the army in Singapore would know about the dreaded Standard Obstacle Course, commonly known as SOC to us NSFs / NSmen.

For the uninitiated, it’s basically a series of obstacles that a soldier has to go through, while in their military fatigues which include their rifle as well.

As someone who has been through SOC, all I can say is that it’s shag.

The phase every soldier goes through is pretty much similar: initially, he would scream in fear at a few obstacles (going down Jacob’s Ladder is as scary as being in Yishun) but soon, he would feel tired even before the SOC because it becomes a physical challenge instead of a mental challenge.

And it’s really hard to explain to people who have not gone through the course on how tiring it is.

Now, you can do so. You won’t need to tell, but you can show them.

While at the same time, win some vouchers.

The Seletar Mall has built a watered-down SOC within the mall, with some obstacles similar to those we experienced in the army.

From the low wall…

Goody Feed’s Boon Hun failed attempt

…to the low rope.

Goody Feed’s Zhi Hao going up the low rope like a boss

Yesterday, two Goody Feed staff, both NSmen, tried it and let’s just say the one who has ORDed much earlier could no longer go up the low wall.

Here’s the interesting part: if you’re a Sparta (or a PTI who once aced your SOC in your FBO), you get to win vouchers if you have the fastest timing of the day.

Getting incentives when you aced SOC. Kind of reminds you of IPPT, isn’t it?

From 28 August 2017 to 3 September 2017, simply head down to The Seletar Mall (don’t need to route march there, you can take the LRT to Fernvale LRT Station) and join the challenge.

Every single day, the top runner of the day will get $200 SPH vouchers (which you can spend in the mall)

And the top challengers of the entire event will be invited back to a final showdown on 3 September 2017, whereby $5,000 worth of SPH vouchers and prizes are up for grabs!


If you’re an NSF or NSman and show your 11B or NS50 vouchers, participation is free. Of course, if you decide to be more garang, you can just show up in your uniform.

SBO or FBO isn’t recommended unless you’ve a Mob Manning later #justsaying


If you’re not an NSF or NSman, no worries; simply spend a minimum of $10 in a single receipt that day and you can be the next Sparta, too.

Here’s our fittest colleague doing the challenge with his SBO because he wants to show off.

Now, gentlemen, fall in!

This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with The Seletar Mall.