You Can Soon Take MRT from SG to JB, Here’s What You Need to Know

With so many Singaporeans going to Johor Bahru, whether to shop or visit the raved cafes, there must have been times when you were frustrated while queuing for the never-ending lines just to hop on a bus to carry you across the causeway.

Things seem to have changed up a little ever since the implementation the shuttle train service which promises less hassle but the service cannot meet the demand.

The solution? MRT to JB!

With hopes of signing an agreement for a cross-border MRT system by the end of 2017, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced some plans for the future MRT system at a press conference yesterday.

Coined the Rapid Transit System(RTS), it will connect Bukit Chagar terminus station in Johor to the Singapore terminus in Woodlands North which will be part of the upcoming Thomson-East Coast line.

How will the MRT system cross the Strait of Johor?

After many considerations, the leaders of both countries feel that the best way is to through a high bridge, rather than a tunnel because it’s cheaper to build, according to experts. With this consensus, it seems that a bilateral agreement will be made by the end of next year.

What about the fares?

Train fares will not be regulated by the governments but rather by the market as the system will be operated by a corporate entity.

How long do we still have to wait?

The Land Transport Authority informed the public that both sides are already meeting often, in hopes to finalise the design next year. Ridership studies, communication systems and rail systems are also underway.

With everything rolling smoothly, visiting JB may be more convenient than ever.

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