[BREAKING] Can’t Get Enough Of McDonald’s Curry Sauce? You Can Now Get It In A Bottle!


If you have been through the revolutions of the McDonald’s Curry Sauce, you would have experienced the joy when it was free, or the devastation when the curry sauce became out of stock for a period of time. Shortly after, the Curry Sauce became available again where we could get a free tub with a purchase of 6 Chicken McNuggets. Now, it is finally available in a limited edition take-home bottle to sweep all McDonald’s fans off their feet!

McDonald's Bottled Curry Sauce

The McDonald’s Curry Sauce was developed in Singapore more than 10 years ago and has captured the hearts of many Singaporeans and garnered quite a huge following—becoming one of Mcdonald’s most popular and iconic creations.

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We love how this marvellous condiment by Mcdonald’s can pair so well with everything—so much so that we always see people paying an additional S$0.30 just to purchase another tub to go with their McNuggets. But hey, this S$0.30 goes a long way in making your day, or to bump up your entire McDonald’s meal.

On 21 July 2016, McDonald’s will launch their limited edition Curry Sauce, and curry sauce lovers will be able to purchase these bottled Curry Sauce (375ml) at S$4.50 with any Extra Value Meal—limited to 4 bottles of Curry Sauce in a single receipt.

This limited time offering will be available after breakfast hours, and will be sold in ALL McDonald’s restaurants (excluding the ones at NTU, NUS, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic and via McDelivery!) while stocks last! You can also visit the McDonald’s web page for more information. So, do grab them before they get sold out island-wide!

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