Carpooling Driver Offered Free Hitch Ride to Woman For a ‘Hook Up’


SG Hitch is a Telegram channel that matches Drivers and Hitchers, for cheaper rides than regular ride-hailing apps like Grab or Gojek. It’s a huge plus for people who are looking for car rides at much lower prices, as well as drivers looking for extra cash to cover petrol costs on their way home.

The downside, however, is that the drivers are not vetted or rated – which is, honestly, a huge red flag.

This worry is clearly founded, as TikTok user posted a TikTok about her experience using Telegram’s SG Hitch. She was harassed over Telegram by a potential driver with the Telegram nickname “J”, who asked personal details about her identity after recognising her from TikTok.

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They then offered to give her a free ride in exchange for a secret “hookup”, even after she told them she was attached.

After she told them she’ll pass, the person told her that they “get hard off” her “pics”, in addition to more crude and inappropriate (frankly, disgusting) texts.

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What’s more insidious is that the user was not even in the same SG Hitch channel as she was, and the fact that he proceeded to make a new account to try to pick her up again.

Netizen’s Reactions

Commenters on TikTok are generally sympathetic, and some even chimed in about their personal experiences with “J”, showing that it’s not an isolated incident.


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As much as this is clearly rather concerning and dangerous, many commenters, as well as herself, have put forth the fact that their experience with SG Hitch on Telegram has largely been a positive one. has, however, chosen never to use SG Hitch again.

Some netizens have, unfortunately, taken to victim-blaming the user, blaming her for using SG Hitch instead of ride-hailing apps, or accusing her of sending the wrong signals by sending “HAHA” to “J”.

However, it’s ridiculous to police someone’s very normal behaviour (like choosing a more affordable ride-hailing option, or typing a certain way) to justify another’s harassment.

Either way, no matter what ride-hailing service you pick, do choose safety, caution and vigilance above all.

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