5 Kind Women Volunteered To Become Cat Feeders In Woodlands After Previous Feeder Was Hit By Lorry

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If you’re staying near the Woodlands Industrial Park area AND you wish to be a “parent” of over 30 cats, you’re in luck.

In a now-updated post, the Singapura Kucing For Adoption posted that they were looking for a volunteer to feed over 30 cats as the regular feeder was hit by a lorry and is currently in a comatose state.

Yesterday, Singapura Kucing For Adoption posted on their Facebook page that they urgently needed volunteers to feed the cats during the evening as the regular feeder was left in a comatose state after being hit by a lorry.

Food will be provided so you don’t have to carry any cans of tuna with you.

The post continued saying that “the cats will be without feeder for an unknown period”.

Image: Singapura Kucing For Adoption Facebook

Apart from volunteers, the post also appealed for funds to neuter the unsterilised cats in the Woodlands Industrial Park area.

They said that the number of cats in the area has exploded over the last year, and that help from the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) was not sufficient in controlling the population.

Unsafe for cats

Warning: this part might make you sad if you like cats and kittens

Because of the cats wandering around an industrial area, they are at a high risk of getting injured or being fatally wounded.

Unfortunately, three kittens have been crushed to death by heavy vehicles, the post wrote.

There are also several pregnant cats, one of which has already given birth. This would imply that the newborn kittens might die as well.

Image: Singapura Kucing For Adoption Facebook

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

In the now-updated post, Singapura Kucing For Adoption has thanked many people for their quick response in helping to volunteer.

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*URGENT* SEEKING HELP ON BEHALF OF FEEDER.Update 16/9 Dear all, Thank you many of you for stepping up as…

Posted by Singapura Kucing For Adoption on Tuesday, 15 September 2020

According to the post, they are planning a feeding schedule among the five volunteers.

The good news is that they have also received funding from a total of five kind souls.

As of now, Singapura Kucing For Adoption received $300 but have stated that they wish to raise $3,000.

This is because they are under the (Trap Neuter Release) TNR program with CWS but have met with a number of problems such as limited free sterilisation slots at the clinics and the hectic schedule of CWS trappers.

The post wrote that they hope to “raise funds to engage trapping service, boarding for recovery and sterilisation fee for most cats (should there be no free slots).”

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Any excess funds will be used for cat food.

If you’re thinking of helping these adorable cats out, you can reach out to them via this post.


We hope that more a-MEOW-zing (not sorry for the pun) volunteers will be able to help out and maybe even give these cats and kittens a forever home.

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