Cat Literally Walks on Catwalk & Models Still Put on Poker Faces


P-p-p-poker face, p-p-p-poker face…Lady Gaga’s song came into my head as the video ran on.

Poker face is right, this is exactly the expression the models in the ESMOD show had plastered on when a cat emerged unexpectedly on the runway.


What Happened

At ESMOD International Fashion Show this year, a white cat with black spots surprised the models on the runway by beating them at their (or his) own game, the catwalk.

#Likeaboss, it sat in the middle of the runway and started licking its body.

What’s even more interesting is that even though the cat was blocking their walk, the models’ faces remained impassive.

At one point, the cat even began sashaying rhythmically to the beat of the music. When a model got in its way of strutting its stuff, the cat leaped up to scratch at the model’s clothes.

And get this. In spite of being attacked, the model continued with her walk.


This is what we’ll call professionalism…


Posted by Aww Station on Friday, 26 October 2018

The Designer

Goksen Hakki Ali, the Turkish designer of the clothes the models were donned in, was obviously displeased that the spotlight went to the cat instead of her clothes.

But when asked if the feline had potential to be in the fashion industry, Goksen laughed and replied, “Maybe, why not?”

What’s more, if you look closely…

Image: Facebook (Aww Station)

…they’re wearing the same clothes, no?

Is catwalk really named after how a cat walks?

Lest you’re wondering if the word “catwalk” is derived from the way a cat walk, you might have difficulty finding the answer.

In fact, there’s a debate in Wikipedia on this topic, and so far, no concrete conclusion has been drawn.

However, someone gives a plaisure explanation, stating that “Catwalk, a term derived from the way female models walk, which is similar to walk of a cat. Catwalk is usually performed on elevated platform called ramp by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show. A cat walks with its footsteps confined in a narrow lane or strip which is narrower than its body.”

Quite true.

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