Cathay Pacific Suspends 2 Employees & Fires a Pilot for Their Involvement in HK Protests

The situation in HK hasn’t eased up at all.

In fact, it might be getting worse.

For the perhaps small minority who has been missing out the entire HK Protest saga, you can read up here.

With alleged police brutality and violence against police occurring, it appears as if the protests can only escalate even further.

With the law on one side and the citizens on another, you might wonder, what about the companies?

While generally, companies will remain neutral so as to refrain from offending either side in order to protect their business, it seemingly appears that Cathay Pacific may have just made a move.

One Pilot Suspended and Two Employees Fired by Cathay Pacific

Apparently, one of Cathay Pacific’s pilots was discovered to have been participating in the riots. As a result, he was suspended by the company.

Also, two of their ground employees were fired due to misconduct in relation to the protests.

The aviation regulator for China has also demanded for the information of employees who would be travelling to the mainland airspace.

This was a result of the ban of anyone involved with the protests from entering mainland China.

But was this really Cathay’s fault?

Sandwiched in the middle?

This may just be pure bad luck for Cathay Pacific, as they seem to be unwillingly caught in the middle of both sides.

Before you think they’re simply Chinese sympathisers and are against the HK community, think again.

After word got out about their employees’ involvement with the protests, the company received a severe backlash from the Chinese community, resulting in a boycott campaign fuelled by state-run propaganda.

“Cathay Pacific Airlines has repeatedly appeared in Hong Kong’s unrest, and plays a disgraceful role,” said a post by the Communist Party Youth League on social media.

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Yes, because Cathay Pacific orchestrates all thoughts and actions of its 27,000 staff. *sarcasm intended*

Source: Giphy

Cathay Pacific Chairman John Slosar also said the same thing, but in a much nicer tone. Maybe that’s why he’s a chairman.

He said, “We employ 27,000 staff in Hong Kong doing all sorts of different jobs,” and “You would easily imagine that within that 27,000 we have virtually every opinion on every issue… we certainly wouldn’t dream of telling them what they have to think about something.”

They’re also bound by laws and regulations to comply with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) regulations.

Cathay Pacific isn’t the only company who got caught in this commotion.

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The Japanese brand Pocari Sweat (yes, the drink we have in the army) was previously accused of “pro-Beijing coverage” by HK rioters and forced them to pull their advertisements.

What do you think?

Sounds honestly like a bunch of children bullying neighbouring innocent kids into helping them, doesn’t it?


How do you think these protests will end?

Will they ever end?

Stay tuned for the next episode of HK Anti-Extradition Bill Saga.


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