Catholic Churches to Remain Closed During Phase One But Will Open for Weddings & Funerals

It’s almost here. The much-detested circuit breaker will end in four days!

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Now we can finally hang out with our friends!

Gahmen: Oh, actually, we’re not allowing that yet. That’ll probably be in Phase 2.

Oh, ok. Well, at least we can eat at coffee shops now!

Gahmen: Dining in won’t be allowed either.

Fine, I can live without those two things for a while. Thankfully, all bubble tea stores in the country will finally open!

Gahmen: Uh…

Don’t say it.

Gahmen: Well…


Gahmen: Bubble tea stores won’t be allowed to reopen during Phase 1.


Gahmen: You can visit your parents and grandparents, and you can also get married!

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Catholic Churches Will Remain Closed During Phase One 

Catholic churches will remain closed after the circuit breaker ends, but weddings and funerals will be allowed, reported CNA.

As The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) announced earlier, religious organisations are actually allowed to reopen during Phase 1 of the post-circuit breaker phase, provided they take the necessary precautions.

But Archbishop William Goh made the decision to keep churches closed because they find the new requirements tough to abide by.

“Because we are not allowed to engage the help of volunteers, it will be very difficult to fully comply with the strict conditions set by MCCY for Phase 1,” Archbishop Goh said, in a letter to parishioners.

“We have to err on the side of caution out of pastoral responsibility. We seek your kind understanding that both our staff and worshippers are uppermost on our minds for the best outcome always,” he added.

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Weddings and Funerals Allowed

Wedding solemnisations can go ahead during Phase 1, but don’t expect to have a grand wedding with a thousand guests.

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With MCCY’s restrictions in place, your wedding will seem more like a small family gathering than a typical marriage ceremony.

In-person marriages after the circuit breaker can only have up to 10 people, at least 8 of whom must be immediate family members.

Only two of your guests can be non-family members, so be prepared for a horde of upset friends.


MCCY still encourages couples to undergo their solemnisations via video link because gatherings of any kind will always carry some risk of infection.

Like weddings, funerals and wake services can also be conducted, but only 10 people can be involved at one time.

MCCY added that those who attend these solemnisations and services must leave the place of worship immediately to avoid further contact with other attendees.

Post-event receptions will not be allowed.

Mosques to Reopen

On the other hand, mosques will progressively reopen during Phase 1 with “maximum precautionary measures” in place.


From 2 June to 7 June, mosques will open for limited operating hours from 1pm to 6pm and provide limited prayer spaces for private worship, according to CNA.

There will be five marked private prayer zones, each of which can accommodate up to five individuals, or up to five households with a maximum of five individuals per household.

However, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) advised those who are able to perform their worship at home to do so, and strongly discouraged elderly worshippers from coming to mosques during Phase 1 of the safe reopening.

It may not be much, but at least things seem to be getting back to normal.



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