Everything About The CBD Car Chase Incident Which Resulted In A Police Officer Getting Knocked Down


Drug offences have been peppering the news recently.

From a suspect who managed to escape for four days to a suspected drug dealer dying while trying to escape.

Now, one more daring escapade has been added to the list, which’ll probably make you wonder: Why?

Everything About The CBD Car Chase Which Resulted In 1 Police Officer Knocked Down

On 24 Sep 2020, at around 11.50am, police officers on patrol came across a car with a missing front bumper at an open-air carpark.

Approaching the car, the police officers had indicated for him to exit the vehicle, but the 32-year-old driver had other ideas.

He tore out of the carpark and led the police on a high-speed chase…in the busy Central Business District.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Roads Vigilante – SGRV)

The chase came to an abrupt stop when the fleeing car collided with a taxi and another car before mounting a curb.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Roads Vigilante – SGRV)

The man then attempted to escape on foot but, as it turns out, his escape skills on foot are as bad as on his car, and he was quickly apprehended by the police.

Image: Facebook (STOMP)

Drug-Related Charges

According to footage uploaded by citizen journalism site, STOMP, a K9 unit was spotted at the scene as well.

Image: Facebook (STOMP)

The officer was also spotted searching the trunk of the suspect’s car.

Image: Facebook (STOMP)

According to ST, the man was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, dangerous driving causing hurt and suspected drug-related offences.

2 arrested, 4 including TP officer hurt in CBD drama: Drunk driver mounts kerb after collision during police chase, flees on foot

2 arrested, 4 including TP officer hurt in CBD drama: Drunk driver mounts kerb after collision during police chase, flees on foot https://bit.ly/3i2o6WX

Posted by Stomp on Friday, 25 September 2020

Investigations into the case are ongoing.

Four People Hurt

The 32-year-old driver sustained injuries from his escapade and was conveyed to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in a conscious state.

He wasn’t alone either.

The 38-year-old driver and his 29-year-old male passenger from the car which the suspect had collided with had to be sent to the hospital as well.


Meanwhile, the 72-year-old taxi driver who was involved in the accident doesn’t have visible injuries, according to SPF.

The fourth is a 32-year-old female Traffic Police (TP) officer.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Roads Vigilante – SGRV)

She was investigating the scene of the accident at that time when she was knocked down by a passing car at the junction of Anson Road and Prince Edward Road.

The 36-year-old driver who knocked down the officer has been arrested for dangerous driving causing hurt.

The SPF says he “failed to keep a proper lookout when driving”.


Investigations are ongoing for the separate incident too.

So if you were stuck in a traffic jam at Anson Road on 24 September, now you know why.

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