Footage of CCTV Showing BMW Driver Shoving a Security Guard Suddenly Removed from TikTok


Now you see me, now you don’t.

That is exactly what happened to some incriminating CCTV footage that showed a scuffle between a BMW driver and a security guard.

Driver Aggressive Towards Elderly Man

In the video, a man could be seen getting out of his BMW and then shoving and making threatening gestures at an elderly man, whom many believe is a security guard.

The video appears to be of CCTV footage showing the carpark exit of an unidentified building with the date stamp 21 May at around 9.59am.

And because it’s CCTV, no audio was recorded, which perhaps, further adds to the ambiguity of the situation.

Video Taken Down From TikTok

The 16-second clip was first posted on TikTok by user badnewsishere, who accused the BMW driver of assaulting the security guard and wanted to find the whereabouts of the driver “to put an end to this”.

A look at the account now shows that no videos have been posted.

Image: Screenshot of TikTok

However, true to the fact that nothing on the Internet can ever get deleted, the video was taken up by Singapore Incidents and posted on their Instagram page.

The video was also shared on the social media page of Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road with the description “driver terrorizing a security guard”.

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Mixed Online Responses

The video has since gained traction online, with more than 2,100 views.

Some commenters called the BMW driver a bully, saying he should be reported.

On the other hand, others cautioned against rushing to judgement as it’s not clear from the video what led to the altercation.

Some netizens also mentioned that they have encountered security guards with rude behaviour, which could well be what happened in the footage.

“Don’t blindly support security guards cuz you don’t know what was behind the scene!” said one netizen.

Yet, the question still remains as to why the original video was taken down.

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Featured Image: Instagram (singapore_incidents)