There is Now a Visual Map on Where You Can Use Your CDC Vouchers


Wondering where to spend your government-sponsored $100? Instead of just searching based on postal codes and street names, you can now search using an interactive map!

Here’s everything you need to know about the CDC Vouchers and the new map:

A Visual Guide to Where You Can Spend Your Vouchers

You can now see where all the participating stalls are for your next grocery haul, by clicking “View all merchants on a map” on the CDC Vouchers Merchant Go Where website.

When you zoom out, there are red dots indicating the number of participating stalls in the area. You can zoom in to see the specific details for each area.

This feature aims to provide residents with a visual view of the spread and locations of merchants and hawkers, by merging data from the Singapore Land Authority’s OneMap and the Community Development Councils (CDC).

In a joint press release with the People Association (PA) on Sunday (9 January), the CDCs announced the launch of the new map function.

Together with the current functions of searching by postal code and street name, these features are part of CDC’s efforts to provide residents, merchants and hawkers with a convenient and smooth CDC Vouchers process.

This is especially since the festive season is fast arriving, with more people looking to use their vouchers for festive goodies.

What Are CDC Vouchers?

In case you didn’t know, all Singaporean households are eligible to collect $100 worth of CDC vouchers. They can be used at any participating hawker and merchant stall.

Each household with at least one Singaporean will be able to claim this $100, and the vouchers can be used till 31 December 2022.

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For all the small details like how to claim and use the vouchers, you can read this article.

Or if you prefer, you can watch this video:

If you’re a heartland merchant or hawker who wants to participate in this scheme, you can either visit this website to register, or head to any community centre, Residents’ Committee or Residents’ Network centre for help.

More Than A Million Households Have Claimed Their Vouchers

When there’s a chance to get a free $100 to buy your favourite neighbourhood stall bubble tea, of course all Singaporeans responded with enthusiasm.

Within the first month of the scheme’s launch, more than a million households have claimed their $100.

Not only that, but the number of participating hawkers and heartland merchants have also grown. You can now spend your $100 at more than 12,500 outlets!


The majority of these businesses have benefitted from their participation as well, with more than 90% of them having received CDC Voucher transactions already.

There’s been more than $28 million worth of vouchers spent so far.

With the vouchers benefitting both consumers and businesses, do take this chance to support your local businesses—and your bank account as well. Happy shopping!

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