M’sian Shares How a Blade in a Ceiling Fan Broke While in Operating

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Ceiling fans are great.

Especially if you live in a hot place like Singapore and want to save money on an air-con.

Or just lazy to move to get the controller.

But sometimes, the thought of ‘what if this crashes down?’ made me grateful that I sat far from the middle of class during my secondary school years.

In fact, we actually have a story that feeds paranoias like these even further.

Fan Blade Snaps In Home

Yeah, this particular situation could really fan the flames of anyone’s anxiety.

According to World of Buzz, a Facebook user in Malaysia had simply gone to turn the ceiling fan on without much thought.

However, almost immediately did a blade from the fan snap off before falling to the ground.

Image: Facebook

Thankfully, no one was injured from this mishap.

The post has now gone pretty viral. As of this writing, it has garnered over 600 reactions, more than 217 comments and a whopping 15,000 shares.

According to the post, the user did a check online and found that several other homes that have used this brand also experienced similar situations.

Image: Facebook

There was a minority in the comments who said that the fan could have likely not been well maintained.

Some even followed up pictures of their fans, claiming that they had been using it for long periods of time without much problems.


Posted by Joanne Wai on Sunday, 17 May 2020

Not sure if comparing or just being sarcastic. 

Most, however, also either warned off others of this brand or were making mental notes to be wary of it.

Image: Facebook

In fact, a commenter even proceeded to post a picture of a fan of the same brand having malfunctions. Not exactly broken, but having one side completely bent definitely isn’t the safest thing in the world.

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Posted by Sheau Yiing on Sunday, 17 May 2020

Other comments have also stated that this brand of fans is usually pretty cheap compared to other companies and that buyers should take note before buying them.

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Fans at home are a must, especially during these periods where none of us can go out. I hope our Malaysian friends do take caution when getting fans of this brand.

I’m going to be sticking with my safe standing fans for now, at least. Let’s hope I don’t speak too soon.


Image: Meme Generator

Cheaper does not always mean better, readers. Sometimes, spending that little extra for quality control could save you from an accident.

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