5 Ways to Celebrate CNY with Your Pets As They Are Part of Our Family


With an increasing number of new families deciding to have furkids instead of children, it’s more important than ever to include our beloved pets in festivities.

Pets are now considered family members, and some pawrents even buy pet insurance for them.

My own cats are considered family members so we bring them along when we go visiting.

However, some hosts may not want animals in their house.

So here are five other ways to include your pets this CNY season.

Pet-Friendly CNY Snacks

If there’s one thing we do every CNY, it’s eat.

We eat hotpot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We inhale love letters and bak kwa when no one’s looking.

We, for once, take the pineapple tart paiseh piece. Without feeling paiseh.

What better way to include your pets this CNY than to have them snack too?

However, be mindful that the CNY snacks you give to your pets should be safe.


Check out these pet-friendly CNY goodies for your dogs to keep their stomachs full and their smiles wide.

For bird owners, oranges are safe for budgies and lovebirds, but do feed them in moderation.

Carrots may not exactly be a CNY food, but they’re auspiciously orange and that’s all that matters. Hamsters will love fresh, rinsed carrots to chew on this CNY.

Make sure to do thorough research before you feed your pets CNY-themed snacks.

Go For a Run

With every CNY, there is unavoidable weight gain.

After all, bak kwa packs a hefty 370 calories per slice.

Switch your usual routine up and bring your dog on a run instead of a walk.

It’ll get your furbaby’s heart rate up and it is guaranteed to end in what will probably be your dog’s best sleep ever.

Start slow and be sure to constantly monitor your dog’s energy levels. Take plenty of breaks and keep water on hand during this fun bonding experience.

Give Your Pet “Angbao”

Every year, we give angbaos during CNY. If you’re still young, you’re probably still receiving them.


Anyone, young or old, will know the joys of receiving one.

This year, share the joy with your pets by creating pet angbao equivalents.

For dogs or cats, recycle old angbaos by putting treats or catnip in them. Watch your pet scramble to open the angbao and gobble up the tasty treats or roll around in the spilled catnip.

For rabbits or hamsters, make DIY treat ball puzzles using empty toilet paper rolls. They’re not exactly the same as angbaos, but the idea sure is the same.

rabbit puzzle
Image: Myhouserabbit.com
rabbit toy
Image: Myhouserabbit.com

Out With the Old, In With the New

Before CNY, we spring clean as the Chinese believe that cleaning our homes is the best way to sweep out bad luck and negative energy from the old year.

This creates a clean canvas for us to start fresh and welcome in good luck for the new year.


Involve your pets in your annual spring cleaning by replacing their old items with new ones.

We all love to dress up our pets and spoil them with soft beds (although they still love to sleep on our bed).

CNY is the perfect season to replace your pet’s old toys or bed. You can also buy a new cai shen ye costume for your dog for extra huat this year.

Let Your Dog Go “Visiting”

During CNY, we visit relatives and friends and spend time together playing games like mahjong and ban-luck.

Let your dog do the same with his fur friends.


Visit popular dog spots like Bishan Park Dog Run and Tiong Bahru Dog Run to let your pup socialise with his friends and have the time of his life.

These dog parks are safe, enclosed spaces to let your dog run freely and play with others. Watch him run around with his fur friends, play tug of war, and more at these parks.

The friendships formed between pups at dog parks truly embodies the spirit of CNY.

Make this the most pawsome CNY ever for your pets!