Celebrities’ Used Chopsticks, Wet Wipes, & Glass Cups Are Being Sold Online


Would you buy Justin Bieber’s used, unwashed plate of food or his used cup?

I know of some people who might.

Used celebrity items have been snapped up for millions of dollars: From Michael Jackson’s used glove to Marilyn Monroe’s X-ray.

And opportunists know this very well.

So What Exactly Happened?

In Tokyo, Japan, at a hotpot restaurant in the Harajuku district, a pair of chopsticks used by singer Kris Wu, a glass used by singer Will Pan, and wet wipes used by Angelababy were photographed and put on auction online after the three had dined and left the restaurant.

In case you don’t know who Angelababy is, she starred in the 2016 Hollywood movie, Independence Day Resurgence. Chris Wu is Chinese-Canadian actor, singer, and model, while Will Pan is a Taiwanese-American singer, songwriter, actor, rapper and entrepreneur.

In other words, they’re all very famous people.

I  can (sort of) understand why anybody would want to try and sell their utensils. These guys have clout, without a doubt. They seem almost superhuman and us mere mortals would willingly lap up their leftovers. (Well some of us anyway.)

The Reaction

The three were there to film an upcoming show with Angel Zhao and rapper Fox.

The moment the three left the restaurant, someone posted pictures of the used utensils on Weibo, a Chinese social media website. Asking prices were not listed in the listings.

Reactions were mixed with some online comments commending the move as “smart”, while others criticised the listings and called them “disgusting”.

Well, even if someone buys the utensils, I sure hope they don’t use them. That would indeed be disgusting.

There is no news of how the stars themselves reacted. I would personally be turned off if people tried to resell my curry-stained utensils. Well, maybe a little proud of myself, but mostly disgusted.

Well, this isn’t the first time people have tried to make a quick buck of off the used items of celebrities.

Here are just some celebrity items people have sold:

Elvis Presley’s Delicates

The king of rock and roll definitely left a deep impression. His used undies sold for a whopping USD$8,000 (~S$10,977), while his bible sold for USD$94,000 (~S$128,986).


Harrison Ford’s Whip

The very whip used by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones was sold for USD$47,000 (~S$64,493). Okay, this is pretty reasonable since it’s considered a collector’s item.

Marilyn Monroe’s X-Ray

An X-Ray of Marilyn Monroe was sold in an auction in Las Vegas for USD$45,000 (~S$61,749).

Yeah, people buy weird things.