Changi Airport is Named Best Airport Again. Here’s What You Should Know

Frequent traveller or not, many of us have experienced the comfort of Changi Airport’s terminals. Singaporeans aren’t the only ones in love with our terminals, for it seems other air travellers have voted for Changi Airport as the best airport again!

For the fifth consecutive year, Singapore’s Changi Airport was voted the World’s Best Airport at the 2017 World Airport Awards. Yes, in the entire world.

The organiser, Skytrax, is known for its reviews of airline quality. In fact, Changi Airport also won Best Airport in Asia, and Best Airport for Leisure Amenities, which it has been winning for eight years.

What’s more, Singapore managed to come in first before Japan with its Tokyo International Airport in Haneda and Korea’s Incheon International Airport.


Though the survey is based on aspects like check-in, arrivals, transfers, security and immigration, those who have used the airport’s services should know that the aesthetic and the amenities are worth mentioning as well.

Not only is the place safe and secure, everyone passing through Singapore, though mainly the newest terminals, will be kept entertained and pleased. With free movies, internet, science museum entry and gaming areas, not a single person in the airport will be left bored while waiting for their flight.

You don’t even have to be afraid of someone staring at you awkwardly if you’re tired, as there are snooze lounges (in fact, even when people are sleeping on the seats, no one would bat an eye!). It’s no surprise that customers embark on their flights satisfied, what more the majority of 13.82 million customers favouring Singapore’s Changi Airport over others.

Sounds like a first prize winner to me for sure. Well, now we’re currently undergoing plans to move the whole office to Changi Airport, BRB.

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