Changi Airport Named Best Airport In The World Seventh Time in a Row


There are many things that Singapore is known for.

Among other things like “Garden City” and “strict laws that ban chewing gum”, our “Best Airport Worldwide” mantle is one of the shiniest prizes that we fight furiously to keep.

It’s like a cutthroat fight between students to keep the top spot in school.

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And keep it, we did. Adding 2019 to the bag, Changi Airport has managed to clinch the title once again, as we’ve done the past six years.

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The Runner Ups

How do our other favourite countries stack up against Singapore, then?

While Incheon and Tokyo international airports have always been close rivals fighting for the higher rank every year, Singapore has remained the strongest contender by far.

For the past four years, South Korea and Japan have passed the second and third place between each other endlessly like a game of coin toss. This year, Tokyo came out top with Incheon following close after.

What is behind these ranks, then? Just how large is the scale, and what exactly is entailed in the title of “Best Airport”?

A Worldwide Survey

For one, the survey conducted by Skytrax involves 13.5 million people. To put it into perspective, it’s around 2.4 times the size of the current population on our little red dot.

As Best Airport, we provide a top-notch experience all the way from check-in to departure. Think the way you’re greeted by the staff who check your passports; the cleanliness of the atas toilets; the luxurious stores which we don’t have to pay 7% GST for. They all count.

Scoring the award for “Best Airport Leisure Amenities” definitely plays a part — after all, who else has managed to fit a butterfly garden into the airport itself? It’s like our Botanic Garden transported itself.

Travellers Responses

Apparently, travellers whole-heartedly agree with Skytrax’s results as well. Because for the first time in a while, Singaporeans have nothing to complain about after the stellar results.

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Even as Changi opens up new and more terminals, this award proves the obvious — that each terminal is managed seamlessly; automated or not.

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And the fact that our little red dot has clinched the top title 10 times out of the 20 since Skytrax started this survey is a feat in itself.

More to Come

With the slew of upcoming stores (such as notable fast-food chain Shake Shack and entertainment giant Pokemon centre) set for Jewel, we’re pulling all the stops to keep our title.

Indeed, here is one aspect where Singaporeans’ signature strive for success has earned us respect on the international stage. And we’re not slowing down any time soon.