Changi Airport Terminal 2 To Be Revamped In Phases But Will Remain Open Throughout

If you thought Changi Jewel looked nice, then there may be some good news for you:

Changi Terminal 2 announced their expansion and renovation works just yesterday (16 January 2020) in what seems like their quest to make the entire airport look like Jewel.

Changi Airport T2 Undergoing Renovation In Phases

Seriously, look at this artist impression:

Image: Changi Airport Group

Though I guess this makes sense since it’s all just one airport. 

First Makeover In 14 Years; To Be Completed By 2024

The makeover will begin with check-in rows 9 to 12 in the Departure Hall and will add 15,500 square metres to the terminal building and increase capacity by five million passengers per annum.

You know the gist; more space in Departure and Arrival halls, more retail and F&B in public and transit areas which translates to a smoother passenger experience.

Everything will look more awesome.

In the Departure Transit Hall, you can also look forward to new waiting areas with more comfortable seating, relaxation zones, new play area for children and new experiential zones.

Self Check-In Kiosks, Bag Drop Machines And Faster Baggage Belts

Image: Changi Airport Group

You’ll know of the kiosks if you have visited T4 in the past. All you have to do for a seamless experience is check-in online, print your boarding passes at the kiosks and drop your bags.

Baggage belts will be increased by two to ten, with two existing ones lengthened. What this means for you is a faster and smoother process when collecting your luggage after flights.

Which leaves you more time to explore the rest of the airport.

More Food Options

Image: Changi Airport Group

At the end of T2’s landside leading to Jewel, a “duplex F&B concept” will be introduced, but who knows what this means exactly? We can only wait and find out.

The Departure Transit Hall will also be expanded with more F&B kiosks, additional seating and new tenants for a revamped food “street” area, said to give us a “garden dining experience”.

The Orchid Garden in The Departure Transit Hall will also be transformed into a new one with a variety of plant species and new landscape design.

And you’re probably wondering if all these renovations are going to shut down T2 temporarily.

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T2 Will Remain Open Even While Renovations Take Place

That’s right.

According to Changi Airport Group’s Executive Vice President of Airport Management: “T2 will continue to operate and welcome passengers, even as we work to minimise disruption to operations and inconvenience to passengers and visitors.”

But take note that some airlines will shift to alternative check-in rows in the terminal.

Image: giphy

But even as we remain excited about the new stuff, everyone seems to be sad about…

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McDonald’s And Iconic Solari Board To Be Gone

If you’ve been reading Goody Feed then you’d have heard that McDonald’s from T2 will be closed. It’s not yet known if they will reopen.

And another thing they’re taking away from us is the solari board:


If you’re not mesmerised by the flipping of the mechanical display, you’d want to know that this is huge news.

People were really concerned about the solari boards being taken down, judging by a post by on Facebook by CNA which garnered 3.2k reactions, more than 300 comments and 1.6k shares.


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