Taxi Knocked Down Motorist While Turning at Changi


As the Chinese saying goes: the road is like the mouth of a tiger.

With road safety being dependent on not just your own actions, but also the behaviour of other road users, one can never be too careful on the road.

Accident Involving Taxi and Motorcyclist along Changi

On Friday (17 September) morning around 8am, a traffic accident concerning a taxi and a motorbike occurred along Changi Prison Complex at Changi North Way towards Changi North Crescent.

The accident left the motorcyclist injured and lying on the ground, after which he was sent to the hospital for treatment.

60-year-old Mr Wang, who works as a personal bus driver, had passed by the scene after the accident took place.

“At that time, I was driving employees past the back entrance of the prison complex when I saw that an accident had occurred.

“The motorcyclist’s leg seemed like it was injured, and the bumper of the taxi was dented from the collision.”

From to photos taken, a man wearing a helmet can be seen sitting on the road, most probably waiting for help to arrive.

Another man wearing a checkered shirt can be seen walking towards the nearby guardhouse, most probably going to ask for assistance.


According to Mr Wang’s description, the taxi had been making a right turn when the incident occurred.

The taxi had ended up colliding with the motorcycle, which had been travelling along Changi North Way.

The police have also confirmed that they had received a report at 8.17am, alerting them to a traffic accident that concerned a taxi and a motorcycle.

The police added that the 27-year-old motorcyclist had been sent to the hospital for treatment in a conscious state.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Severe Accident Involving Motorcyclist Just Two Months Before

Most of us know that aside from pedestrians, motorcyclists are probably the most vulnerable group of road users—this is hardly the first accident involving a motorcyclist.

Some of us might even remember the fatal accident two months ago on 23 July, which resulted in the death of a 31-year-old motorcyclist. The incident took place at night on the Central Expressway (CTE) and involved two cars, a taxi, a lorry and two motorcycles.

According to the Singapore Civil Defence force (SCDF) on their Facebook post, it had been alerted to the accident around 9.20pm.

Upon arrival, the SCDF Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel had assessed seven people for injuries, while Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was administered to a person who had no pulse and was not breathing.

A total of seven people were taken to the hospital, including two male motorcyclists, a female car driver, a male lorry driver, and three passengers from the lorry.

Of the seven, one motorcyclist later passed away from his injuries in the hospital.

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