It’s Not Just Shopping Malls, Charity Organisations’ Scrambling To Find Volunteers

The COVID-19 situation is worsening in Singapore and all over the world.

Other than infecting over 64,000 people worldwide and killing over 1300, it has also hit hard on retailers and businesses such as shopping malls and entertainment outlets.

For instance, at Party World KTV, the number of patrons they see has dropped by 50%. Downtown East, on the other hand, is expecting a smaller crowd of around 25,000 people at their upcoming food festival Eatbox.

But it’s not just shopping malls and businesses that are being affected.

It’s Not Just Shopping Malls, Charity Organisations’ Scrambling To Find Volunteers

Non-profit organisations have also seen a dip in the number of volunteers as Singaporeans prefer not to gather in large groups.

This is due largely to the COVID-19 outbreak that has affected Singapore.

According to The New Paper, non-profit organisations have observed a fall in the number of volunteers from schools and corporations.

Ms Sim Bee Hia, chief executive of charity group Food from the Heart said that 21 groups of volunteers from schools and corporations, which totalled up to 315 pulled out on Tuesday.

It is short of around 500 volunteers who are required to pack more than 4,000 bags this month.

Ever since the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (Dorscon) was increased to Orange, volunteers have been hard to come by.

More groups are also expected to cancel and pull out from volunteering due to the current virus.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to help with packing items such as biscuits, canned food, instant noodles and rice into bags.

These bags will then be given to family service centres, care homes for the elderly and students under financial assistance.

“There isn’t enough manpower but in a time of crisis like this, we understand. I’ve roped in staff to help out, and I am thankful there have been new volunteers reaching out to us via our Facebook page.”

Co-founder for the non-profit Friends In Kindness, Ms Eileen Tay, on the other hand, has been forced to cancel volunteer distribution events for the time being.

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Before the outbreak, she was in charge of around 120 volunteers who give out food packs to needy residents in Yishun.

She said that operations will resume once the COVID-19 Virus situation stabilises.


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