Charles Yeo Has a New IG Account & He Answers Questions Eloquently

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While the star of the 2020 general election is arguably master debater Jamus Lim, an equal amount of attention was paid to Charles Yeo, a Reform Party (RP) candidate who contested in Ang Mo Kio GRC.

To understand why, we’ll have to go back to one of RP’s political party broadcasts:

If you look closely, you’ll see that there are few party members missing. It looks a little like your workplace after a long weekend.

One of RP’s candidates, Darren Soh, had fallen ill, so Yeo had to deliver two separate messages, one in English and another in Mandarin.

However, as many netizens noticed, Yeo wasn’t exactly proficient in the latter.

And so, the internet being the internet, netizens who were amused by his linguistic struggle started posting memes about the RP member.

Image: Twitter

Yeo’s team lost in his constituency, but netizens are still fascinated by the newly-crowned memelord.

Charles Yeo Has a New IG Account & He Answers Questions Eloquently

Yeo, who made an Instagram account a few days ago, has conducted several question-and-answer sessions online to satiate the growing curiosity around his beliefs and personal life.

Netizens asked him about a wide range of topics ranging from his gaming habits to his political views, and even gave him an opportunity to display his philosophical knowledge.

When Yeo was asked about Karl Marx, a German philosopher whose works inspired the foundation of many communist regimes in the twentieth century, he said:

“We cannot reject a lot of the stuff written by Marx because humans who were imperfect tried to implement it imperfectly”.

The RP member also commented on doctors practising solely for financial gain rather than helping others:


“If we continue to glorify this kind of ideology, what will happen over a sustained period of time is… that the rot will set in”.

Also Answered Random Questions on Instagram Stories

Not all netizens are interested in philosophy or political issues, of course. In one of his Instagram stories, Yeo answered questions about his performance in school, who he voted for, and that famous Mandarin speech.

When asked how he did in his Chinese oral examination, Yeo said “A2 and distinction bro. Believe it or not”.

Image: Coconuts

With regard to that speech, he explained that he translated half of it on the spot, and also defended the absence of his fellow party members.

Image: Coconuts


As for who the Bukit Batok resident voted for, Yeo revealed that he opted for Dr Chee Soon Juan from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

Image: Coconuts

He even answered a question on his dating preferences, admitting that while he doesn’t look too much into their education or personality, he prefers a girl who is “chio“.

Image: Coconuts

Sadly, Yeo’s team did not garner enough votes to be offered an NCMP seat, so we won’t be seeing the Prime Minister debate with the memelord in parliament.


But his fans will certainly be happy that they now have an outlet for their undying adoration.

And on a side note, politicians have been talking about NCMP (Non-Constituency Member of Parliament) in recent days. So, what’s an NCMP? Do you know that it’s just like an MP but the allowance is much lower? Watch this video to find out more:

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