Check Out The Beauty Of The 4 Seasons In Korea For Your Prewedding Photoshoot



Do you remember the famous four drama series in the Endless Love collection – Autumn Tales, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent and Spring Waltz?

Those four memorable, tear-jerking dramas that used up many of your tissues were inspired by the four beautiful seasons in Korea!

In fact, the distinct settings of the different seasons were an important visual storytelling element in each of the dramas.

There is no one season more perfect than the other, because each season offers romantic and magnificent photography experiences, if only you know where to look!

So, if you want to have a comprehensive view of Korea’s beauty, well, there’s your excuse to visit Korea four times a year!

Here, we give you an alluring peek at what each season in Korea has to offer, particularly if you’re planning have your Korea Prewedding Photoshoot in the beautiful country.
Read on and see which season’s spectacular landscape most catches your fancy!

Spring – late March till May


Spring starts as early as March as warmer weather slowly returns after the cold winds of winter. Not only is it time for insects to rise and shine from their long winter sleep and come out for Spring, a wide variety of events are also held across the country to celebrate Spring’s arrival!

Of course, nothing is more representative of Spring in Korea than cherry blossoms! It is truly candy for the senses when the whole city is perfumed with the delicate fragrance and magnificently covered with cherry blossom pinks and whites, the perfect scene to capture into your Korean prewedding photos.



Walk through the cherry blossom trails and experience the blush pink petals falling gently on your skin. Trust us when we tell you it’s a magical feeling and truly a sight to behold.

The hopeful, celebratory atmosphere of Spring as flowers start to bloom and bright pastel colours fill the landscape make Spring an especially lovely place to go on a heartwarming trip with your loved one.


Be sure also to try fresh and delicious spring fruits and vegetables from the region if you’re there during Spring. Koreans have traditionally believed that eating fresh seasonal foods in the spring help them to stay healthy throughout the year.

A popular fruit that’s in season is the Strawberry! With their bright red colour, sweet flavour, and mouth-watering aroma, strawberries are always a big hit in Spring. Plus, they are chockfull of vitamins and medicinal benefits to boot.

Be sure to be out enjoying the Spring blooms during your photoshoot in Korea as much as you can, because it doesn’t last long!

Summer – late May till September


Don’t let fear of the heat keep you away! Summer in Korea is pretty awesome. Between the many music festivals, water sports and biking activities, there’s a lot to indulge in! Just remember to bring a bottle around and chug lots of water to stay cool in the heat!

Needless to say, Summer calls for a beach vacation! Surrounded by water on three sides, the country of Korea has an array of beaches for beach-lovers looking for outdoor Korean Concept Wedding Photography! These beaches range from the more crowded, bustling and commercial to the more secluded, quiet and peaceful.



Soft blue oceans, mild waves, welcoming summer sunshine, little islands floating on the ocean. What more could you want?


While you’re enjoying the summer warmth, do grab some tasty food to combat the heat! A must-have in the summer is naengmyeon, a bowl of noodles in chilled broth. And of course, we can’t forget the Korean summer favourite – patbingsu! Made from shaved ice, milk and sweet red beans, it comes with a wide variety of toppings and flavours, more than enough to suit everyone’s tastes.

Just imagine being sunbathing by your lover’s side at the beach with a bowl of colourful, snowy bingsu in your hands… Can this moment taste any sweeter?

Autumn – late September till early November

8. Korea-Prewedding-Photography-Summer-4-1024x679

Here, the weather starts to get cooler. There’s a crispness in the air and the aroma of roasting chestnuts permeating the sidewalks. On the streets, you see Korean men and women wearing stylish trench coats, thick sweaters and long scarves.


This is also the time of the year that brings a dramatic change in the colour of the city as fiery reds, oranges and golds start to paint the landscape. This is indeed one of the best season to visit Korea for your Prewedding Photoshoot!

9. Korea-Prewedding-Photography-Autumn

Walk through the national parks and soak in picture-perfect views of the autumn foliage and maple leaves turning bright crimson and gold under the blue sky. Create your very own Autumn Tales with your lover, as you wander on paths shaded by red wood trees, majestic in their vibrant hues for a Korean style prewedding experience!


Of course, in Korea, how could we forget the street food? In Autumn, food vendors serve up seasonal favourites like chestnuts and hodduck, a sweet brown sugar-filled pancake.


The chilly weather is perfect to load up on street snacks while you enjoy long, slow walks with your lover under the romantic palette of Autumn colours.

Winter – late November till March


The Winter Season in Korea may be cold, but it is beautiful beyond compare with its fluffy snow-capped hills and beautiful city lights, perfect for your K-wedding.

Besides the plenty of great winter activities to try, such as basking in hot springs and spas, or skiing on the snowy mountains, the gorgeous winter scenery makes for a picturesque photoshoot  in Korea everywhere you turn.

During the winter months, the streets are also decorated with beautiful illuminations as the Christmas festivity approaches. This makes for beautiful walks on the streets or by the icy lakes, where romance is in the air.

12. Korea-Prewedding-Photography-Winter-3-1024x768

While you have fun with your lover making snow angels on the blankets of snow or trying to catch the glittering snowflakes in your hands, remember to keep warm!

Lucky for you, there are plenty of foods in Seoul to keep you warm and cosy throughout your trip!


A must-have Korean dish in winter is BBQ Ribs! These huge ribs are slow-grilled under tender and succulent. Paired with rice wine, these tender and succulent slow-grilled ribs are the best comfort food when the temperature is freezing outside.

Another dish on your must-eat food list is Ginseng Chicken. Simmered in the milky broth to tender, the chicken is best known to boost your energy and vitality, perfect to warm up your body in the winter after your wedding photoshoot in Seoul.

13. Korea-Prewedding-Photography-Winter-2-1024x768

Spring, summer, fall and winter – have you found your favourite yet? Or have you, like us, fallen in love with every season?

Whichever season caught your fancy for your prewedding photoshoot in Korea, The Louvre Bridal provides you opportunities to crystallize your K-Wedding dreams with our Korean Concept Shoots all year round. We also know the best places for you to create your very own Autumn Tales or Spring Waltz!

We hope now you’re compelled to pack up your bags and head to Seoul for your romantic, scenic Korean pre-wedding with us at the most attractive B2B rates!

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