Cheesy Nasi Lemak Now Available in OldTown S’pore Restaurants

Image: Facebook (OLDTOWN White Coffee Singapore)

I’m pretty sure in every F&B establishment, this kind of meeting takes place every few weeks:

Marketing Manager: “Hey, how do we create the next food fad, something like Nasi Lemak Burger?”

Marketing Executive: “How about we create a Chicken Rice Burger?”

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Marketing Manager: “Nope, too late. Burger King has done that.”

Marketing Executive: “How about…a Nasi Lemak curry puff?”

Marketing Manager: “Old Chang Kee has done it. Have you been living in planet Earth the last few months?”

Intern: “How about adding cheese to everything?”

Marketing Manager: “Okay, you’re the next Marketing Executive.”

And ta-da: someone decided to do that, and the Cheesy Nasi Lemak is born.

Cheesy Nasi Lemak by Old Town

Well, we made up that conversation, but we didn’t make up the Cheesy Nasi Lemak, because OldTown Singapore is indeed bringing in a nasi lemak that just BTO-ed with cheese.

Called the Cheesy Nasi Lemak, it’s the usual nasi lemak by OldTown (which, by the way, is sedap if you’ve yet to try it) filled with cheese. Together with sambal cuttlefish, I can only imagine how this east-meets-west dish would taste like.

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Image: PInterest

I mean, cheese with sambal? Both are my favourite, but it’s like ice-cream with kopi-O: they’re gems by their own, but together? Hmm.

Available in all OLDTOWN outlets in Singapore (too bad, Malaysians!), it doesn’t seem to be available on food delivery, as I couldn’t find it in their menu. Either that, or it’s not updated.

Cheesy Everything Isn’t New

Late last month, there was another cheesy item from OldTown: the Cheesy Minced Chicken with Macaroni.

However, let’s face it: cheese with Macaroni is like steamed chicken with chicken rice. I won’t call it a “viral” dish.

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OldTown, The Fast-growing Restaurant Chain in Malaysia

If you associate Mark Lee with OldTown, you’re not alone.

Mark Lee brought the brand in to Singapore from Malaysia, and last year, it was reported that a Dutch Firm has made an offer to buy the Malaysia-listed company. As of late last year, the brand has 192 outlets in Malaysia and 10 in Singapore.

Business is as usual in OldTown outlets ever since the announcement last year.

Now, if we managed to steal our boss’s credit card, and this article got enough shares, we’ll risk our calories and try it for you.

If not, you can just go to any OldTown outlet. They’re everywhere, aren’t they?

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