Taiwan Actress Chen Meifeng is 63YO But Looks Younger Than 36YO

Since ancient times, many notable people have been searching for ways to regain their youth. The fountain of youth. The elixir of health. Etc, etc.

If bufflord95, our resident youthful writer didn’t tell us about the secret to youth, we would’ve gone green with envy at this Taiwanese actress.

Instead, we’re just happy for her.

Taiwan Actress is 63 Years Old But Looks 36 Years Old

First, before we even get to the words, let me show you a few pictures.

chen meifeng at special cny show
Image: Facebook (陳美鳳 MeiFen)

She is Chen Meifeng and she’s 63 years old this year. But don’t let her age fool you, she looks like she’s in her mid-thirties, especially when you appreciate her impressive body.

chen meifeng at special cny show
Image: Facebook (陳美鳳 MeiFen)

Recently, on a Lunar New Year entertainment special, she wore this beautiful outfit to perform on the show, wowing and gaining international audiences.

Her appearance caught the eye of the international community, leading to multiple nicknames including Taiwan’s most beautiful obasan (auntie).

What’s Chen Meifeng’s Secret?

As it turns out, her secret to youth isn’t something that only rich people can afford.

In fact, you probably have the ingredients at your house right now.

It’s drinking ginger soup often and keeping in shape.

She told Daily Mail that she get a personal trainer to come in one to two times a week to maintain her figure.

chen meifeng exercising
Image: Facebook (陳美鳳 MeiFen)

The ginger soup, she says, is what keeps your skin looking youthful.

While not every one of us can afford a personal trainer, exercising is something we can do.

As for being guided on what to do? Well, SAF’s 5BX seems like a pretty good place to start, isn’t it?

And It’s Not Just Chen Meifeng

Aaron Kwok’s youthful looks were also attributed to exercising.

Same as this almost-50-year-old lady, Liu Yelin.

Image: Boredpanda
Image: Boredpanda 

She attributed her looks to regular exercise, especially “swimming outside in the winter”.

Once is a fluke.

Twice is a coincidence.

But you’ve got to admit that if it happens thrice? The secret to youth is a real thing.


So if you want to be like them? Treat your body like a temple.

Maintain it and eat clean and who knows, we might be writing about you in 30 years time. If we’re still around, that is.

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