TikTok CEO Chew Shou Zi Also Going to Lead TikTok’s “Replacement App”, Lemon8


It seems like there may be a new social media platform which will become viral soon (similar to TikTok).

That would be the platform Lemon8, owned by ByteDance. ByteDance also owns TikTok.

This is because the CEO of TikTok, Mr Chew Shou Zi, is going to take over the CEO duties of Lemon8 as well.

Here is what is happening.

TikTok CEO Chew Shou Zi Will Be CEO for Lemon8 Too

The latest news in the social media field is that the TikTok CEO, Mr Chew Shou Zi, will soon be expanding his portfolio to manage Lemon8 as well.

Lemon8 and TikTok share the same parent company, ByteDance. ByteDance is a Chinese company.

For those who don’t know Mr Chew, he is a fellow Singaporean who has impressively fielded many pointed questions about TikTok and its privacy practices in front of the US Congress.

According to The Information, which released an exclusive article earlier this week, Mr Chew will supervise the other app directly.

This appears to “reflect ByteDance’s strategy of locating the heads of its global apps outside China, in an effort to defend the apps from a backlash over their Chinese ownership”.

We guess it is a good sign that local talent Mr Chew was chosen to take over this heavy responsibility.

With this new portfolio in hand, Mr Chew will have the current head of Lemon8 reporting directly to him. Ms Stephanie Cheng is based in Shanghai now and will relocate to Singapore in accordance with this new shift in responsibilities.

Ms Cheng previously reported directly to a ByteDance executive, Mr Alex Zhu.

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What Is Lemon8?

Now, let’s consider the burning question we all have. What exactly is Lemon8? It doesn’t seem to be an app which is popular in Singapore yet.

Lemon8 is a video and photo-sharing app that some have touted as a cross between Instagram and Pinterest. It has also been likened to Xiaohongshu (which literally translates to Little Red Book).

Some speculate that Lemon8 may “replace” TikTok if there are growing concerns with the way the latter handles user data privacy.

Lemon8 is a new player on the black, launched recently in 2020. It describes itself as a lifestyle content community featuring photos and videos of beauty, fashion, food, travel, fitness, pets” and more.


If TikTok’s impressive takeover of the world is anything to go by, we expect Lemon8 to be following its footsteps with Mr Chew in the lead.