As Expected, People Are Hoarding Fresh Chickens in S’pore Now


Lest you’re still not aware, Malaysia is going to halt the export of chicken from 1 June 2022.

Certain things are therefore expected from next Wednesday: prices of food would increase, prices of chicken would raise sharply and wet market would be a tad emptier.

And oh, of course, people would be hoarding fresh chicken now.

As Expected, People Are Hoarding Fresh Chickens in S’pore Now

In a move that everyone expected, fresh chicken parts have been flying off the shelf recently.

They’re primarily fresh and chilled chicken, as the export of frozen chicken isn’t affected much.

According to The Straits Times, wet market stalls selling chicken sold out their stocks much earlier than expected.

There were even people buying in bulk; which doesn’t really make sense since raw chicken should only be kept in the fridge for two days or so.


There were even customers who pre-ordered next day’s chicken.

You know chicken has hit the fan when people are pre-ordering chicken.

Online Chicken Store Crashed Its Server

Kee Song, a poultry producer in Singapore and Malaysia that has an online store on their website, experienced such high traffic that some people weren’t able to browse the site.

The company has since advised customers to log in between 12am to 5am when fewer people are accessing the site.


Now, if all things fail…there’s still Carousell, right?

Why Malaysia Suddenly Stopped the Export of Chicken

The impetus behind the decision is to stabilise the domestic prices and supply of chicken within Malaysia, which was initially prompted by complaints from Malaysian citizens.

Malaysian customers have been complaining about the rising chicken prices, such that some retailers are even resorting to rationing their sales.

Hence, this issue was brought up in a meeting with Malaysia’s Agriculture and Food Industries Minister that Monday.

By shorting the chicken exports, it means that more chicken products will be available and circulating within domestic borders, which serves to bring down the price by increasing the internal supply, thus serving the best interests of its citizens first.

The poor supply of chicken has been happening since the start of the year.

The Malaysian authorities have also simplified the subsidy claim process for chicken produces to help mitigate the rising costs of production.

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